[Министарство одбране] Наређења за 2491. дан / Call to arms!

Day 2,490, 01:52 Published in Serbia Serbia by Ministarstvo Odbrane Srbije

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Hello, dear international readers!

As you can see, Serbian president recently proposed NE law. Serbia will declare war on Chile! The reason for this is extremely high aggression of Chile towards whole Asteria/LETO bloc.

Chile vs Serbia

They attacked Serbia 4 times in the past. Usually, they were doing that in these cases: when we were exhausted by previous wars with other countries, when we already were involved in war with another strong country or when they had x2 determination bonus. Now the situation is quite different. We won't avoid war with them anymore. We are prepared and ready to attack. War with Spain wasn't easy and cheap but it is almost over now so we can move on.

Let's make a short insight into history events of the last couple of months and see what Chile did to Asteria countries.

Romania. Two months ago, Chile won x2 determination in one of the admin's tournaments. They decided to spoil your plans with Bulgaria and 10/10 bonuses by attacking you in one of their successful airstrikes. You were almost deleted and left with only few regions in Bulgaria and, if I'm not wrong, one region in Georgia. Not just that - they are helping Bulgaria all the time during night rounds and are constantly messing up your plans.

Greece. Chile is the closest ally of FYROM. Should I say more? Whenever FYROM tries to free themselves, they are tanking heavily against you. Just like in Romania's case, they attacked you when they had x2 determination bonus and were trolling you all the time back then. Not just that - they tried to reach your lands during july by using Italy as a bridge to you. Serbia prevented this by declaring war on Italy. This was expensive (it cost us almost 1000 gold + tanking in battle for Apulia) but since we had 3 goals (to get out of the Balkan ,,cage'', get one additional weapon bonus and to save Greece from Chile) it was worth it.

Argentina. You had tough wars with Chile before TETAS. In EDEN times they were trying to delete you all the time. Recently they tanked hard against you when you attacked FYROM's regions in Australia.

Slovenia. You were attacked and deleted by Chile in the past, not because they needed your regions but simply because they could. I guess no further comment is necessary.

China. China is peaceful country. They have never tried to invade any of the enemy countries during their membership in Asteria. Yet, one month ago Chile decided that China should be invaded. Why? Simply because Chileans believed they were invincible. They thought that China, even with their huge treasury, will be just another piece of cake for brave Chile. This was proved wrong. Still, they planned another attack on China, this time in a wolfpack with Bulgaria, FYROM, Croatia and probably Poland. Who knows, maybe they are planning another invasion in the future?

Brazil. Chile is not hostile towards you as far as I know, but you can't deny the fact that they were one of the countries in Sirius/Aurora bloc who didn't help you while you were occupied by Argentina for months.

Countries that are not in Asteria but Chile invaded them:

Hungary. They attacked you 2 times I think. Once from the west, once from the east. Both times their goal was to leave you without congress. But you defended your core regions successfully.

Peru. This south American ally is deleted by Chile for a long time. They are struggling to survive and were attacked even when they were far away from South America - in India! Chile could attack China directly but they wanted to expel Peru from India first.

France. Chile occupied your country because of what? For the lulz? They don't need regions of France. Those regions are just some kind of polygon for their military drills and that's all.

Australia. Chile needs your regions because of production bonuses. But that's not all. They do not want to give you at least one region for congress. They violated several peace treaties. Also, Chile let FYROM occupy rest of your regions and helped them stay there for a long time.

Canada. You didn't have conflicts with Chile in the past, but yesterday they tried to help FYROM occupy you. So, now you have an active war with Chile.

Several other countries like Iran and Uruguay didn't fight against Chile directly (recently), but were invaded by close friends of Chile (like Bulgaria for example).

All in all, there is more than enough motives for all of us to fight against them. Even if you think that Chile is geographically far away from you so you won't get anything if they are expelled from Southern France, you should fight to make them spend ridiculous amounts of money. Remember, the more money Chile spend tomorrow to defend its position, the less probable occupation/invasion of your country (by them) will be. We can't provide you bigger COs because Chile is richer country than Serbia, their currency reserves are huge. But COs big enough to cover all your expenses will be provided. Tomorrow we fight not for money but for pride, for honor, for fun and last but not least - for the revenge. Even if we lose, we must give them pyrrhic victory.

Friend's and allies, let's give them hell tomorrow o7

Written by pierrotmon, member of Serbian Ministry of defence team.

за српске читаоце

Као што видите, председник је синоћ предложио напад на Чиле. Ова држава је једна од најагресивнијих држава према чланицама Asteria-је, а поготово према Србији. У тексу на енглеском језику сваком од савезника кога је Чиле нападао је речено због чега би требало да туку против Чилеа сутра кад крене битка. Готово свако из Asteria/LETO блока има неке нерашчишћене рачуне са њима. А шта је Чиле урадио Србији? Напали су нас 4 пута у прошлости (бар ако се нисам негде забројао). И то углавном када су имали неки ветар у леђа, било да туку Србију након што се потрошила у рату са неком државом или кад је већ имала отворен фронт са неком другом јаком државом, било да нападају када добију х2 детерминацију од које једноставно нема одбране.

Сад је ситуација другачија. Иако је Србија имала пар скупих и тешких борби против Шпанаца, нисмо истрошени много. Спремни смо за напад на Чиле. Осим тога, Чиле константно туче против Србије кад год има прилику за то, свети нам се иако смо, ако се сећате, ми једна од држава које су помогле њихов baby boom како храном тако и новцем онда када смо још били савезници. Делимично смо и ми ,,одговорни'' за њихову данашњу снагу а видите како нам враћају, само зато јер смо потписали MPP са Аргентином након што је Чиле два пута одбио MPP са нама због Бугара!

Није спорно да је Чиле богатија држава од нас и да ће вероватно стављати већи КО али то не значи да не можемо да победимо. Да ли ћемо успети у свом походу не знам, то зависи од свих нас и од тога колико желимо победу и освету. Зато храбро сутра и да се осветимо за све што су нам радили у претходних 6-7 месеци о7

Испред тима Министарства одбране, писао pierrotmon.

Боримо се за Србију!

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[Министарство одбране] Наређења за 2491. дан / [Ministry of Defence] Call to arms!