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Day 2,449, 07:40 Published in Romania Romania by AlexVerdi

Date: Monday, 4 August 2014 (Day 2,449)
Location: Romania, Bucharest

The topics of the day:
I. Military
II. Politics

Editor: AlexVerdi
No hai!

Hello citizens of eWorld! Before everything I ask you to vote the article for visibility, thanks! 🙂

Today I’m writing from my own newspaper an article with suggestions for a better eRepublik. This article is also made for Sisk’s writing contest and I hope you’ll like it. Maybe someone from the leadership of the game will also read it 😃.

eRepublik is a strategy game, so the most important module should be the military one. Below you can see some ideas that could improve your experience in this game.

1. Battle page

a. Total damage of each side

It will be easier for the players if they’ll see the total damage of each side in a battle, so they’ll know how much damage to deal to push the wall above 50% for one side.

b. Moving targets

Another improvement would be some kind of moving targets. The player must hit them to make damage, so this will involve more player’s skill and the fights will be more interesting in my opinion.

2. BH and CH rewards

a. BH medal - gold for top 5 damage dealers

The BH reward should be equal for all Divisions, 5 Gold. The players who reach the top 5 of a battle could also win:
1 Gold → 5th Place; 2 Gold → 4th Place; 3 Gold → 3rd Place and 4 Gold → 2nd Place.

If this new feature will be implemented, the players will struggle to reach the top 5, so the battles will be more dynamic and the overproduction will be avoided.

b. CH medal for all divisions, but different rewards

Usually the CH medal is taken by a player from the 4th Division, so my idea is to give CH divided to every Division. This will give a chance to the players from lower Divisions to earn more gold 🙂.

The rewards should be 10 Gold → Division 1; 15 Gold → Division 2; 20 Gold → Division 3 and 25 Gold → Division 4. These rewards will probably make happy everyone 😃.

3. Recalculate the reward for RH medal

To support a RW you must pay 1000 CC. Now the 5 Gold reward is almost equal with 1000 CC, so where is the true benefit of the player? 🙂

The Currency that must be paid by a player should be 500 CC, or why not, increasing the quantity of gold taken from a Resistance Hero medal, up to 10 Gold 😃.

4. Guerrilla Fights

a. No more damage bonus, but skill points

PvP module should not include the damage bonus. The reason is obvious: no strategy, but win ‘cause you have that bonus.

So my idea is to replace this bonus with some kind of upgradeable skills: accuracy, agility and individual skills for weapons … yeah it sounds like a RPG game, but I think this will be more interesting 🙂. You will be able to earn this points when you get a Guerrilla Fighter (GF) medal, one point for a medal.

b. Guerrilla fighter medal and its targets

The Guerrilla Fighter medal will have in my opinion the next targets:
1st Medal → 25 matches won;
2nd Medal → 50 matches won;
3rd Medal → 75 matches won;
4th Medal → 100 matches won;
5th Medal → 150 matches won;
6th Medal → 200 matches won;

After 100 matches won, you’ll earn a medal every 50 matches won. Players should also be rewarded with some gold 😃 … let’s say 5 Gold per medal will be enough.

5. New Weekly Challenge rewards

For Weekly Challenge there should be different rewards according to the players’ Division. Here is my idea:

Division 1 → more Strength, Bazookas, small bombs, rockets, 50% damage boosters - 5 minutes, 1000 Storages, Guerrilla items, less EBs and recovery energy.

Division 2 → more Rank points, Bazookas, EBs, small bombs, more Storage, Guerrilla items, 50% damage boosters - 2 hours.

Division 3 → more Bazooka boosters, Rank points, EBs, 50% damage boosters - 8 hours, Guerrilla items, 9000 Storages, more recovery energy, after 10k PP - 50 Gold for every 1k PP / after 20k PP - 100 Gold for every 1k PP.

Division 4 → more Bazooka boosters, Rank points, EBs, Guerrilla items, recovery energy, 100% damage boosters - 24 hours, after 10k PP - 50 Gold for every 1k PP / after 20k PP - 100 Gold for every 1k PP.

1. The President

a. National vote for dismissal

In some countries take place PTOs. My idea to avoid them is to create a new voting process, so the citizens of that country can choose if they want or not the actual CP. This elections will take place only if a law passed in Congress with 50% + 1 “Yes”. The law will be proposed maximum 2 times in a CP mandate.

b. What will the President be able to do
- write a “Welcome message” to the new citizens of his country;
- vote the proposed laws;
- buy hospital or defence sistem from market;
- propose a minister;
- create an alliance;

2. Congressmen

a. New voting process

We must reintroduce the individual voting, so the citizens will vote the candidate, not the party. This will make the congressmen more active if they want to win that place 🙂.

I propose to be 1 congressman at every 100 citizens. The minimum number of congressmen should be 6, so there will be 7 voters (with the CP) for the proposed laws. A law should have 50% + 1 “Yes” to pass.

b. What will the Congressmen be able to do
- vote the proposed laws;
- propose a national vote for dismissal of the President;

3. More power for the ministers

In eRepublik we have some “titles” not real “functions”. I think the ministers should be able to propose some laws that are related to their “department” and not only 🙂.

Minister of Defence (MoD)
- will set Campaign of the Day fot his country;
- propose Natural Enemy (NE);
- propose Airstrike;
- propose Peace.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
- will propose MPP;
- propose Peace;
- propose Trade embargo.
- propose a Non-aggression pact;

Minister of Finances (MoF) / Governor
- will change taxes;
- set the minimum wage;
- propose donations to ORGs;
- take gold from treasury and replace it with CC;

Minister of Education (MoE)
- will send a mass message to all the new players (with less than 3 months in game) where he gave them a link to a new educational article.

The ministers and CP should be able to post a fixed highlighted message on the Friend feed and everybody will see it, even if they don’t have the ministers and CP in their friend list. This message should be able to edit by them anytime they want to change it.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to sub! 🙂