Game ideas

Day 2,448, 12:52 Published in Republic of Moldova Romania by sokm

Game ideas

Sisk gave us an invitation to a contest

I thought about it and my suggestions are:

1. It would be nice if you could take a little vacation from the game, period in which you could give access to someone to take care of your account, for example work and train every day. The vacation should be free for a short time (a month for example) and should cost you gold if you want to extend it (Plato wouldn’t give us something free just like that).
2. The game should have some in-game “churches” and “graveyards” in wich there should be “buried” the players that are no longer playing.
3. On our player’s account’s birthday, Plato should reward us with a gift, preferable gold.
4. If there were roulette or other kind of slot games they should be only for fun (a free run per day and then a limited number of tickets at decent prices – let’s say the equivalent of 0.33 gold in currency and maximum 3 extra tickets). Also it should be available just one day per week, like every lottery that respects itself.

Article who wishes you a great day and don’t forget to enjoy the summer, your life and the game!