One More Month! - Raven's Last Flight (Tanks!)

Day 2,448, 04:05 Published in Denmark Denmark by Zacharia Raven

Dear eDenmark

Once again the presidential elections are here. And once again I'm running for the presidency. This will be my last term, making it the Danish Full Term of 3 consecutive Presidential terms. I might be able to do more, but we have decided that it's best for eDenmark to restrict this. I think it's good, because it motivates me to do my best for my last term!

I am also again the main candidate, Libertas acting as a back-up. Nevertheless, in this article I will tell you, why you should vote for me one more time.

Every commenter with eDanish citizenship will receive 15 tanks until the article vanishes from the media.

The Team

Not many changes will be made to the Government. Kristian Klausen will continue his work in ATO coordination. Some changes will be made in Party President elections, because we must have active people who are able to fix the lists for Congress Elections.

Maine Coon will naturally have the Royal Seat as Vice President and with Bubbi she will keep controlling the finance and Combat Order usage.

Ushlau, n0se, NeueN and Libertas will be in Foreign Affairs as much as they have time. I will however take care of this.

The Term

I will finish the eDanes - project early this month. After that I will interview some of the most important eGerman people, to make Germark more known to eDanes. I will have more tank giveaways, at least once a week. The tank articles are proven time after time to make people more active, and when they hit with the tanks, they become stronger.

I will keep on publishing news as often as there is at least something to be told. I think my current pace has been pretty good. As the holidays are ending, I hope that we will see more activity in eRepublik and in eDenmark, too. I will try some ways of activating people again, for example paying cash for publishing articles. This has not usually worked terribly well, but even one article is better than zero. I'll restrict to those who usually are not publishing.

eFinland used their Air Strike against eLithuania and lost. So after 2 months of promises, eCopenhagen did not get to see the most expensive fireworks. Some sources say that furious Finns are suggesting another AS against eDenmark, but considering that they lost nearly 500 000 cc in total in the first one, I doubt it. We just need to find our laughs from somewhere else.

As I brought up in the beginning, this is my last term for a while. Next month there must be someone else. I will start probing well before the elections. We have many great presidents who have been resting during my terms, so hopefully at least one of them has new energy for eDenmark.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't be afraid to use the comment! All commentators with eDanish Citizenship will be rewarded with 15 tanks.

The Government

President Zacharia Raven
Prime Minister and Her Highness Maine Coon
Minister of Communication Kristian Klausen
Minister of IT None
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Defence Ushlau, n0se, NeueN, Libertas
Minister of Fun Cemba
Minister of Finance. Bubbi