Old Ideas to change eRepublik from some old guy

Day 2,447, 03:45 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by dedo mraz 78

Hi New eWorld

I will Recycle some of my old ideas for Sisk CONTEST

What will old players do with BAZOOKA’s.


My proposal for Game Admin.

1. Raise the damage of bazooka hit tо 15000 influence in game , and also Rank points to Q7 weapons.

2. Award for 5 days in a roll Daily Order completion with Bazooka Booster.

3. Bazooka Market for all players with Country Currency.

4.Common donate inside in Military Unit and Changes in chain of order also in Military Unit.
- Country President proposed CoD to be implement directly in Military Unit page. And only Commander can change it .

5. Common donation inside Military Unit and this option to be available only to Commander ,
2nd Commanders and Captains of Regiments.

And for The End

Introducing Q6 and Q7 factories for RAW. And Q6 primary Production per employee / manager of 300 units (coverage of RAW / 2 the product according to one worker). And the Q7 RAW elementary Production of 1000 units of worker (coverage 1/2).

and for my Macedonian long live ILINDEN and the battle go ON

Ваш Дедо Мраз™