Houses Revisited: My idea for the competition

Day 2,446, 03:39 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Somewhere in eRepublik there is a competition by a guy named Sisk offering 60 Gold for the best idea. Sisk's Competition

Let us step back and look what Plato has recently done. Remember its often better just to modify what already is there than creating a new idea that require more development time. For example one often uses common features throughout multiple projects even copy pasting everything.


Why is houses not working. The market for it is just too weak. When you place an item at bottom and a day later its still not sold and others had dropped below you, you can be assured there is no market for it.

Why is this? I think the people that could have a use for it is the same people that produces it themselves.

Bob wont buy my house if Bob can build one of his own.

People that bought it was people that had a need for a lot energy per day and keeping a high cap and is not worried about leveling up.

Strength trainers not really.

So Titan tanks and mega factory owners. The people that would produce them would be titan tanks and mega factory owners.

Plato had created a looped market where producers = users

Predictably the market has no impetus.

Prizes dropped from 2500 to 140 in a week.

How does Plato fix this.

1. Remove costs
2. Make product better.

Remove Costs:

A.In this idea we simply remove the requirement of workers. That means wam clicks will level the playing fields.

B. Secondly we can lower the HRM requirement.

What this does not help with is demand. Demand will be still probably 1% of supply.

So we have to work towards

2. Make product better.

The product does not do enough increasing a cap with 50 is so a small amount 100 a bit better 150 even better BUT the cap is in play with a power pack for such a small time at 150 it would be 18 minutes per session.

So add value once a day give energy as well. I would suggest 4 times the cap increase therefore

House 1: 50 energy cap increase + 200 energy every new day for 7 days
House 2: 50 energy cap increase + 200 energy every new day for 14 days
House 3: 100 energy cap increase + 400 energy every new days for 7 days.

Every house has 7 or 14 tokens depending on quality. A token maybe activated at any day but may only be used once A DAY to increase energy. Cause I can already hear you screaming it would give 30 days of the energy. I suggest a green token circle .

Currently I think most people activate it and then let the house run out.

Energy regeneration houses have no tokens but can stack normal houses.

Once activated you must complete the full token cycle.

Thus you would create a "I must have that product" feeling instead of current predominant " I can life without a 50 - 150 cap increase"