What would I change in the game?

Day 2,443, 09:59 Published in Israel Bulgaria by XAvivX

Sisk wrote an article with a contest what would you change in the game (http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-contest-the-way-i-would-change-some-features-prize-10-gold-2419732/1/20)
So I am bored very much so I though on somethings
Heres some ideas I though on ..

War Ideas:
Making more Guerilla items, as new Grenades, new Weapons, and more.
Cool items (Maybe sword or better armor) And achievements for GF. I though on an option to the guerilla fight player to have tactics or things like this.

Damage boosters that will be able to stop when you disconnect to not waste it when you are not online.

Political Ideas:
Making a Vice-Minister and a Vice-Preisedent.

Economy Ideas:
You will be able to work for weapons or food or other items, not just for money.
Make a minimum price of any item in the economy (law for minimum price)
A house that will make you able to restore 20 energy in 6 minutes (Q1),30 energy in 6 minutes (Q2) or 40 energy in 6 minutes (Q3).

Genereal Ideas:
A personal chat in the game with people you invited to the game to help them
Achievement for trying to liberate a region.
After each maintenance give the citizens of the eWorld a gift (like 100cc? I don’t know)

wish me good luck 🙂

*I do not take any responsability if plato make one of this ideas in the game and the game will become bad.