CO killed alliances

Day 2,441, 08:33 Published in Hungary Serbia by Bogi

What's the point in having an alliance nowadays? Why waste your time trying to make group of countries functional, when all that is needed is CO?

Why was CO introduced?
In the second half of 2013, TWO had 70% of world dmg. Poland itself had more regions than the whole CoT. Things didn't work for them. CO was introduced to make weaker countries with gold buyers even with big ones. FF medal was also introduced, but still not enough. Still, it did make game more balanced. It gave opportunity to small countries to make problems to big ones.

When TWO was over, new alliances were pretty even: Asteria and Leto vs Sirius and Aurora. On paper, Asteria is a bit stronger. But now, CO is ruining the balance: Cyprus defeating Hungary, Italy winning battles vs both Romania and Slovenia at the same time. Every country can defeat any other just if it has enough CO, no matter how many MPPs or allies it has.

I don't fight for CO. I take it only if I'm really out of money, but usually I can buy weps for myself. People always expect CO from allies, and then complain when they don't get any help if they don't have CO. Most of people are mercs nowadays. They don't fight for anyone, not even allies, if there's no CO. Don't blame the ones who set the CO, blame the ones who take it.

Maybe good thing would be to introduce a new medal: An ally – awarded for fighting for your allies without taking any CO.

In my opinion, CO should be removed from the game, since now the alliances are balanced. But that's not gonna happen. So, we can either adapt to admins' game or leave it.