[Pacifica] Welcome Latvia

Day 2,436, 15:03 Published in USA Poland by Wild Owl

Day 2,435; Pacifica Head Quarters

eLatvia joins the Bear and the Eagle

Latvia is located South of Estonia, East of Sweden, West of Russia and North of Lithuania and Belarus.

eLatvia is not an enormous, staggering colossus of a country but they are situationed in the important Baltic region of the New World that is of key interest to Pacifica in general and eRussia in particular.

eLatvia’s sitting Foreign Affairs Minister, Soulcraft, recently explained to the eLatvians the idea of joining Pacifica, and how to view a relation with eUSA and eRussia can benefit them while also still being heavily pro-Sirius. While Latvia isn’t a top power and isn’t a heavy damage dealer, it can hold its own without much help in the battlefield. eLatvia’s Country President casadeli and his administration have searched for new oppurtunities for a while, looking for a regional alliance that caters to their interests. Pacifica offers them this.

eLatvia has noticed that eRussia and eUSA were supportive of their battles. Often, eLatvia’s Natural Enemy (NE) is eBelarus. eLatvia is extremely organized for battle, well versed in educating its new citizens, as well as always conversing with its Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) countries to know where the crucial battles are located. A person could get lost for hours in dissecting the dichotomy of all the Eastern European nations that take over, wipe, swap, attack, defend, air strike, PTO (political take over) and scheme all day, every day to stay on the map for 24-48 hours and then completely disappear again. This not only shows their resolute determination to be heard, but emblazons their triumph over and over against the enemies in LETO.

Pacifica is not an alliance of erepublik’s most powerful countries. It is a regional one based on the mutually beneficial relationship between eUSA and eRussia. It is predicated on building up, legitimizing its status amongst the other alliances and providing a way for these countries which do not really fit into any of the major alliances. Pacifica now stretches from eUSA to eRussia while dominating the Pacific Ocean and penetrating Eastern Europe, with eLatvia serving as the sharp prongs of a now prominent trident of glory.

Pacifica welcomes our eLatvian brothers and sisters as partners into Pacifica and we anticipate much growth and stability with them as we have seen the past month with just two countries at the helm!

Sabine Jemeljanova supports Pacifica. Do you?

HAIL eRussia!
Welcome eLatvia!