[Root] The door for a brighter future has been opened

Day 2,434, 15:17 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Walen II

Hello everyone,

it is no secret that one cannot survive alone. One must be a part of community, socialize, help others and be helped yourself. These are the means to make a solid mark in this fast paced world. A mark, that someone will remember, a mark, which can make a difference to everyday life. For this purpose, we shall unite. And as one Latin writer has said:
"Where there is unity, there is victory."

United as one body and soul, we stand here to withstand the rocking waves of the ocean.
Regardless of the numbers, we are all together in one boat, fighting for a common goal which we hope to bring all of us into a brighter future, and with the sweat of our warriors we will overcome all the obstacles ahead.

These are the principles of Root, will of survival.
Hail Root!

Secretary General: LucasFTM
dSG: Arman Kadic
Military Commander: Felllix
dMC: dimention
Director of Public Affairs: Kazas41
Director of Intelligence and Security: akuaba

(Temporary HQ till first summit)

Lithuania CP, akuaba;
Switzerland CP, Sheldon the Mad Scientist;
Estonia CP, lebotaja;
Bosnia and Herzegovina CP, Arman Kadic;
Slovakia CP, OldGunFighter;
South Korea CP, Sysclan.

Lucas is kool.