Vote for Rectification - restrengthening our Vanguard Party

Day 2,428, 21:50 Published in Philippines France by Armando Liwanag

Comrades! Countrymen!

We are at a dire situation. This is a situation that has existed for quite some time, for I have seen the country become a door mat of one nation after the other.

Real life troubles have prevented me from furthering the cause of ePhilippines, a nation which I love to the fullest extent as my Philippines.

As a vanguard proletarian party it is of essence that we strengthen our membership and make our voice heard. Comrades, it is the primary struggle of any proletarian party to bind the struggle of class emancipation with national liberation. And such is the time for national liberation.

I run for the party presidency in order to unite, not divide, our ranks. TO build upon the works of comrades before in order for us to achieve a leading role in national liberation.

We shall create a united front with freedom loving groups and parties and nations both here and abroad. We shall focus our energy for the liberation of our people. Party comrades and cadres of the PKP.

The time is ripe for a revival not only of the country but of our party as well!