End of Term June 2014 / Primary Declaration July 2014

Day 2,414, 19:13 Published in Austria Austria by Ludoviko la Nepreparita

With the current term coming to a close, I suppose it is time to reflect upon the past month.

I would like to thank those members of the cabinet, who have gone above and beyond to assist myself and eAustria this term. I am greatly indebted to you for your service. This term, was a learning experience for me. Many ‘Firsts’ have happened this term. eAustria had two ‘small landmark’ things happen this term. It was my first term as president, although I have served in other cabinets in the past. Secondly, eAustria has now had Her second president who is openly homosexual. This once again shows that outside religions, nationalities, genders and now sexualities, differences that can separate nations as well as cause wars and great prejudice in our own days, is not a deciding factor within the eAustrian community.

As my first term as president, I did not quite imagine it as I thought it would be. I will admit to being hesitant to some decisions and being unsure of possible options at times. However, the Federal Ministers stepped up and help come up with and plan for solutions that I had not even considered. I relied on their expertise and guidance to best serve eAustria.

This term, we were able to make much progress against the PTO movement within our borders. Thanks to our friends in eRomania, we were able to successfully conduct ATO measures for the recent congressional elections. This took coöperation amongst both governments, which showed the relationship that we have both fostered to be as strong as it is today.

We also had some efforts from the government to increase community involvement which I believe is important as it positively impacts the eAustrian community by creating opportunities to participate in events that would allow us to express our own personal cultures and enjoy those of others.

Unfortunately, no matter how productive a term, more problems will always present themselves. As you are well aware, whilst we were regaining our provinces from eRomania, eItaly has taken our native provinces from them making it even more difficult to have them returned to us. Initially, I was reluctant to use the word, but I believe it is fitting. I believe that this eItalian invasion (the aforementioned word) of eRomanian occupied territories was more organised than initially suspected.

With the help of our allies, the determination of the eAustrian people can overcome anything. We have fought off PTOers time and time again, we shall reclaim our provinces and reëstablish our borders. I have a sort of message for eItaly and Her allies on behalf of eAustria with of course my style of music.

This fight for our country has only just started, and I have submitted my nomination to Rangeley to be put in the primary. I hope to continue my work and my service for eAustria, so that I may see through the effort myself and my cabinet members have already put forth to end the eItalian invasion on eAustrian lands.

Präsident von eÖsterreich / President of eAustria

Rot-weiß-rot bis in den Tod!