[DMJ4POTUS] It Belongs to Them

Day 2,414, 07:02 Published in USA USA by dmjohnston

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A couple days ago I outlined the start of my cabinet, primarily the people who will be dealing with Foreign Affairs and War. Today I speak more to the domestic area. It’s infinitely clear to me that our domestic programs are of vital importance to the success of our eNation.

I hesitate to make too many changes to a department that has really been on fire recently, in no small part thanks to this man:

Secretary of Interior - Trickstir

With the sudden departure of Index Infinity, Trickstir has really stepped in and kept things running. I want to ensure he gets the support he needs to get the job done and plan to work closely with him on the potential for new programs for our new players.

After losing perhaps the most active Secretary of Education in recent memory (Cholan, who will be serving as a deputy in my administration), this guy has really stepped in to get it running smoothly:

Secretary of Education - Delyruin

The education of new players is paramount. Increased publication of guides for new players and ensuring that our information is up to date and accurate will be the focus of DoE this month.

Every government needs MORE of him and I think he’ll be a perfect fit for DHS to keep our nation secure:

Secretary of Homeland Security - greeling

My opponent mentioned in the SFP forum that we took a month off from fighting Ajay in ATO and the result was his return. Clearly he didn’t read the Emergency WHPR I personally released on the 15th during Ajay’s attempt to PTO USWP. The PTO fight never stops, and the ATO effort in the eUS never stops either. We have and will continue to show PTOers like Ajay where he can go.

It’s hard to argue with Economic prowess like this:

Secretary of Treasury - Kemal Ergenekon

He can be a tad dramatic when his applaud/smite record on the forum is concerned, but his economic knowledge is without equal in the eUS.

What’s a team without a leader? I can’t do this all myself, which is why I’ve chosen a Chief of Staff and Vice President that I know will make the difference in making sure the work is done, working right beside me.

To keep things running:

Chief of Staff - Wild Owl

And to back me up in case I die:

Vice President - Tyler Bubblar

I have every confidence that this team is the one to lead the nation in July. Put your confidence in me, put your confidence in them. Vote for dmjohnston in your primaries, vote for dmjohnston on the 5th of July.

I will be holding a special Town Hall Meeting for anyone that wants to talk to me tomorrow, July 1st, at 1200 eRep Time and again, at 1900 eRep Time, in #DMJ4POTUS on IRC. I hope to see you there!