POW’s 5th Birthday

Day 2,413, 13:49 Published in Poland Croatia by Dryblas

Our another birthday party came to an end. Now it’s the time to summarize what happened during past two days.
This article is going to be long, so if you can’t bother yourself to read, here’s TL😉R version for you:
Saturday morning we’ve started RW in Serbia, we’ve won it 85-14, yet still had shitload of damage, so we fought all night and whole Sunday, to burn up our stocks.
POW is recruiting - requirments: none, just PM Dryblas and tell why you would like to join.

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Long version:
It started as usual – we’ve set the date for our party. POW was created June 18th 2009, so we wanted to pick up a Saturday close to that day. Two dates were chosen to be put through voting: 14th and 21st of June, and the second one won. 20th June, 12 hours till our birthday, when guests were invited, beer was cooling in refrigerators, Plato informed us about upcoming tournament. We’ve had to decide quickly and after short brainstorm among Board we’ve decided to postpone it for 28th June.
Few days before tournament Feyo-Geyo (Feynovac) proposed that Tuljani could join us for the upcoming week. I’m very grateful for that, once again they proved that we can count on them in any situation. We talked with few other MUs, but we achieved nothing.

This lady joined POW for Tournament

Saturday was closing in, and we had to pick target for our RW. Last year we’ve learnt that the only country that will defend and won’t let us win easily is Serbia. After convos with Croatian CP – HisAirness we’ve picked primary target and alternative. Saturday morning our main target went missing, so we went for rescue plan – RW in Bosnian region: WSR.

We were prepared well. We had hundreds, thousands of EBs, bombs, many managed to get 100% booster only for that day.

We started RW right after DC, turned boosters on and fighting started. Traditionally we had enormous influence in D4, decent in D3, but a little in lower divisions. First mini was meant to be a prelude to our rivalry, and so it was, our opponents were still sleeping, so we’ve won 9-2 losing only D2. Next minibattle finished the same: 9-2.In third minibattle we couldn’t win in D3, despite huge amounts of influence, and it finished 6-5. 4th one went easily – 11:0. Fifth one 9-2. Since that moment we haven’t got any particular problems and next three rounds finished with 11:0 score. 9th minibattle closed the battle with 85-14 score.

During the whole battle our biggest problem was in D3, since with less than 10 active people in that division, they have to win each battle fighting large amounts of opponents. During the battle Serbia started to set CO, but after all it didn’t help much.
Battle ended around 1 am CET (1600 eR), and we still had loads of influence. Some people just came up and didn’t manage to burn all. We had large surplus in D4, a little in D3 and nothing left in D2 and D1. So we came up with idea of flying here and there and helping our allies.

We fought in:
MPP Croatia - Serbia http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53218
MPP UK - Argentina http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53206
MPP Estonia – Finland http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53201
MPP Italy – Slovenia - http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53196
MPP Italy - Romania - http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53217
MPP Mexico – Colombia http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53194
MPP Turkey – UAE http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53212
RW Austria – Romania http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53186
RW Spain – Argentina http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53209
RW UK – Argentina http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53203
RW Sweden – Lithuania http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53195
RW Romania – Switzerland - http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53213
RW Bolivia – Argentina http://battle-watcher.com/campaigns/campaign/53207

But the best of the best was that so many guests came to fight with us, some of them coming from e-death, some stopping 2-clicking for a day. Atmosphere on our channel was great, and being the one who organized it, we cannot be more happy. We showed that no matter what side we are, and for whom we fight, we can still have some joy in this plain and sad game.
Time for the most embarrassing moment: list of people we would like to thank. While writing this, I feel like I’m quitting this game.
First of all I’d like to thank every member of POW, because without you that party wouldn’t start. I’d like to thank for the atmosphere, which is the main factor that we still e-live.
P0P3J – for resurrecting only for that party, winning two rounds in D2, destroying all the buildings and companies, only to get more EBs and give more to MU
Młodzian – for sending supplies during 1st and 3rd round and keeping it up for half day
Hoso – for winning many rounds in D3, huge damage, sending supplies during 2nd mini
Zefiriasz – for sending supplies in 4th mini, huge damage in D4, night watch
AdrianW (Alliser/Virandar) – for sending supplies in 5th and 6th mini, for keeping up D1 as much as you could
Bambull – for involvement, helping during organization, keeping it up from bus, sending supplies in 7th, 8th and 9th round
NikczemnyDev – for your friend’s floor panels, so you could get to PC and be with us
Ruichi – for huge damage in D4, night watch, for BH and CH in other battles
Meirid – for brave fighting, for staying ingame
Lobafren – for coming in right moment and keeping D3 alive
Koben – for being D3 silent hero, millions of damage without BH, staying all day long
Wafrey – for huge damage in D3, for being with us during that day, despite short period in POW
Kanduin – for keeping D3, all day long watch
Fartkor – for the record in no. of EBs, huge damage, 2 days on irc
Ariakis – for returning for birthday (we’ve missed you), huge damage in D4, helping with translation of this article
Kamil kalota – for helping in D3 in right moments
Konjiro – for damage in D4, BHs, all day long watch
N0dem – for coming on irc, despite another events, for damage in D4
Skimir – for staying up late on irc, patience during damage dealing
Koshiash – for coming, despite being on 2-click, for damage in D3
Historyk – for being with us since morning, damage in D3
Jawek – for being so involved, for great damage while being in D1
Cahir – for coming despite 2-click, for damage in D2
Przemas – for damage in D3 and helping in many rounds
Matishere – for early ver of avatar, for ircbot, for huge damage in D4
Rostryga – for coming despite 2-clicking outside our MU
Fenmarel – for managing to keep both work and eR on right tracks, for huge damage in D4 and all the medals
Krispo – for long and patient fighting, for great damage and for watching other battles after our was finished
JohnnyRMAS – for suport in D1
Jester1 – for great damage, especially after our RW ended
Aduch – for huge damage in later phase
Arrlo – for being the right man in right channel for the whole day on Rizon, for supporting damage, currency, for being involved and for attitude
Zosia - for coming despite heavy 2-click and winning round in D3

HisAirness – for being CP this month, helping conversations, full support and involvement
Feynovac - for everything
Olivaneksa – for winning few rounds in D1, for bot
Overk – for great avatar, for bringing Argrob, for the name for our meeting - „Old Fags Reunion”
Basowy, OOTD, Vulture-man – for weapons and damage
Touche_awaay – for being with us, despite quitting game
CornelB – for bringing your MU, and for celebrating with us, despite the sides we are fighting for
Romper – for coming, despite being far from home, for damage and for being with us each year
Ban – for being you and for spamming on channel all day long (and for this http://imgur.com/8V4jgog)
Again – special ‘Thank you’ for Tuljani – for being with us on irc, in MU, your help.

Thanks all who accepted our invitation and came for our party (Argrob, Frutek, zdlemmy, John_rambo, Nenya, tasos maximous, AlexMCS182, darksfer, fessti, Hazarddark4, dubrovnik, Josx, onrop, n0s3y, dakee, Thanatos, tos, Kreso, dsturzoiu, exohoritis, Lazy Greg, staruszek and many more I wasn’t able to remember).

Thanks to all the MUs: Tuljani, Tigrovi, Dalmatinska Legija, HV, Civilna Brigada, Crvena Banda, Croatian Army, HOS, 3 Gardijska Brigada, Lock’N’Load, 5. Brigayd, IX. Bojna, Foxland Family, 11. GB Zmajevi, Zdrug, eHrvatski Civili, Crne Vrane, Team13, BSD, Enigma, Illyrians Army, Albania Elite Unit, BNK, HVO, The Assassins, Gama, Myrmidons, FAR, MAD, RCA.

I’d also like to thank myself, for managing another year and for being able to feel all the emotions connected with Bday.

20 people from our MU managed to get into top100 fighters. Tommorow few will get there too, so we'll edit article. (Edit: 10 people managed to do it on sunday)

We've got 72 BH and 5 CH medals, and screens from top5, full of POW's members could fill whole article. That's why they'll be in pack at the end of article.

It’s hard to count that large amount of influence, tho according to our data, we’ve made: OVER 58 BILLIONS!!!
It allowed us to advance in every tournament and WL ranking.
At some point our 1st Regiment was third in the world!











And we haven’t recruited officially for past three years, so it’s finally time to change it.
POW is recruiting!
If you want to be a member of our MU send a PM to Dryblas.
We don’t have particular expectations or strength/level/nationality locks. It’s the person who matters.

Small packs of screenshots:

See you next year

Hail POW!