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It’s hard to talk about my platform fully without introducing some of the people that will be making it happen, so today I’ll be outlining a few of my key points for next month, and the beginnings of my cabinet membership.

My plans for July and the team I have chosen to help me accomplish them go hand in hand, so it only makes sense to present them together.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the State Department. With our new Alliance in place, there will continue to be a need for a strong Foreign Affairs effort, both in adding more friends to Pacifica, and in continuing to stay connected with and provide our assistance to old friends in other alliances. While I haven’t worked in the Foreign Affairs arena a great deal, I’ve been able to get more involved recently. Combining with that new experience and my Secretary of State, I have every confidence that we will have a solid month ahead.

Secretary of State - Jefferson Locke

In my earliest discussions with JLo, he brought up the idea of regional diplomats. Our current system for ambassadors involves assigning individuals to each country. What we plan to do instead is assign a person to an entire region. The benefits of this are outstanding. When a single person deals with all the nations of a region, there is a sense of continuity from the eUS for both allies and enemies. Regional conflicts and interactions are extremely prevalent in eRepublik and thus a regional approach to Foreign Affairs is pertinent.

The next major area is Defense. Obviously, this is a big one for me after the amount of work I’ve put into making that department what it is today. In my previous Presidential campaigns, while they were lulzy, I had a hard time choosing a Secretary of Defense because it’s a department that I care a great deal about at a personal level. I wanted to ensure that the programs that have been created over the last two months (various internal policies resulting from the merger, as well as the return of Arm America, and the introduction of the DoD Strength Enhancement Program) will be operated efficiently and in line with my original vision for them. In the last 2 months, the DoD’s Operating Costs have been reduced by around 100,000 USD per week, while still introducing new programs and providing reliable, directable damage for our President.

Secretary of Defense - Disco Musolini

USAF Operations Commander - rainy sunday

rainy sunday has done an outstanding leader for the merged USAF. She’s been a pleasure to work with and I can’t think of a better person to continue the progress being made there. Between her and Disco, I anticipate more great things out of the Defense Department and USAF.

As we continue to assist our allies and strengthen our long-standing relationships, we need to ensure that we are working together as a nation to provide them with the damage they stand in need of. I want to continue with some good things in the National Security Council as well as add some more. The last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of helping out with NSC business a lot more than in the past. During gnilraps’s terms, I was a Deputy there and during Molly’s terms, I’ve been more involved than in my previous terms as SECDEF. Lemon Vodka has done an outstanding job ensuring that communication and cooperation between the NSC, the USAF, and the Private Military Units has been ongoing. Being the NSC Director is no easy task and it’s easy to get overworked. To alleviate that, I’m instituting a two-man team.

Director, National Security Council - Lemon Vodka

Co-Director, National Security Council - john nwp

While Lemi will continue to focus on the battle planning portion and provide the big picture direction, john will be handling much of the communication and cooperation side. It is vital to our success as a nation that our public and private militaries work together, fight together, and are committed to the priorities we set forth as a nation. This will mean continued and increased communication between the State and Defense Department with the NSC, and between these three departments and the leaders of our nations PMUs.

The final major point of my platform involves the Media Department. After filling in for A^2 at the start of this month, I know Media can be a hectic area. I’ve never been a huge media presence in eRepublik, but I do understand the importance of it. In many ways, the media that comes out of the White House is the only interaction some players will have with the Executive.

For my Presidency, I want to introduce a new idea. In addition to a regular schedule of White House Press Releases with some great writers, we will be holding daily “Press Conferences” on the eUS forum. Each day, the Media office will post a summary of what the Executive worked on and accomplished on the previous day. The thread will be open for your questions, feedback, discussion, etc. It is our hope that it will serve as a means of direct communication between the citizens of our nation and the leaders. I desire input from the People and I want to show you that we are working hard for you. This kind of thread is no small task. Because of this, I’ve assembled a very strong Media team to keep up with the work.

Secretary of Media - Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media - Jude Conners

Press Secretary - David Wilson

We’ll also be featuring a recurring segment in the WHPR, “Colbert’s America” by SColbert. It should be an exciting month for Media and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

My team and I are all very excited about the opportunity to make eAmerica better and work with all of you to do it. The rest of the cabinet will be announced in the coming days.

Thank you for your time and if you’re interested in being a part of the team please fill out this form!