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Day 2,398, 23:25 Published in Canada United Kingdom by lllll 54 lllll

Neville Chamberlain, holding some unknown piece of paper

Good Evening once more, ladies and gentlemen of eCanada.

Earlier today, I withdrew from the race for Party President of the MDP.

I think I've probably gone as far I can go with what I intended to achieve at this time(maybe this will become more obvious by next month), and having to do so without wasting so much of my life in the dictator position doesn't seem so bad to me personally. Fighting to the end of the 15th was always an option(and the main one), but from what I can see it serves little purpose at this time. For the time being, I've done what simply seems to be the best option.

Going all out in this game for the next month is something I still would've done, but I probably wouldn't have been too happy in the process, and I'd have to realize how much time I'd be spending/spent on such a silly browser game.

As mentioned in Muglack's article, I have taken a position on the council, though at first I thought that I'd rather just drop from the race with no position at all. Initially, I did not want to be seen as complicit with anything that wasn't a large change, but a position on the council is not always the position of complicity either.

It's nigh impossible for me to be as active on the council as I would be with the obligation of being party president. However, I can also see that there's some strategic benefit to me being on it for now, and it can be hard for me to turn down a good strategic benefit.

Does taking a position and then saying I'll be somewhat less active make me a hypocrite? maybe, maybe..

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but then again the issue of activity was also mainly a complaint I was making about the dictator, which is the centerpiece of the party. We shall see how things go this month. I intend to do at the least a sufficient job with the council role, and to avoid the very things I had been arguing about with all of that.

At any rate, this is not the last article you'll see from me,

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