[VoA] New HQ & SG Address

Day 2,398, 13:00 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

By Asterios C (Greece) - PR


1. New HQ
2. SG Address

1. New HQ

On 09/06/2014 (eRepublik day 2393 ) the new Asteria HQ was formed. Once again, only one candidate came forth, TT Lighter (Serbia), 2nd Commander of the electrifying Tesla Troopers. He chose to have more people in the HQ than the previous month, especially in the military branch, and they are the following:

Secretary General: TT Lighter
Deputy Secretary General: turturica
Assistant Secretary General: Bogohulja

Supreme Commander: Didei
PR of Supreme Commander: mlena
Deputy Supreme Commander: Van Sebe
Assistant Supreme Commander: R4ger
Assistant Supreme Commander: Sojgu
Assistant Supreme Commander: StriderMNE
Nightshift assistant: Ariel MAteu
Nightshift assistant: adsyo
Logistics assistant: I n f 0 r m e r

Co-Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Manu Cab
Co-Secretary of Foreign Affairs: FreeGigi

PR: Asterios C

2. SG Address

Dear teammates, citizens of the Asteria/LETO family,

After five days of my term, I feel the duty to salute you all and shortly report about the recent events and work of my team. What you can see on the battlefield is that the Chilean fortress in Central Europe is finally down. Also Turkish colonies in the Middle East are gone and the Italian campaign in Slovenia is broken. We accomplished this after great effort of the governments in first place, but also nice work of our military team leaded by Supreme Commander, Didei.

What you can’t see on the map is that we are working on improving our communication and cooperation, which are the main goals of my term and the main reason why I run for this position. Things are going in a positive direction, we talk and we will continue to talk and to listen to each other. Only that way we can understand thoughts and needs, possibilities and limitations of each member country. That will lead us to mutual respect and better cooperation, which will further lead us to great victories like it was the Hungarian one in Abu Dhabi and Romanian one in Vorarlberg.

Also, we need to be patient and sometimes sacrifice, like Slovenia did while we were dealing with stronger enemies than Italy. Now Slovenia is quite more secure than they were when Chile was closer. Things can’t be get overnight. To make them better we need to work together on a daily basis and we need all of us to take part in actions we agree on.

Two alliances are fighting against us but we can and we have to fight back.
Let us stand together and fight!

Yours, TT Lighter (Serbia) - SG