[AURORA] Italy, new trial member & News+Interviews

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[AURORA] Italy, new trial member

When they ride forth on their errand, their armour sheds a strange flickering light, which flashes up over the northern skies, making what men call the "Aurora”
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Aurora is glad to officially announce Italy’s entrance as a trial member. If in three months things go as expected, Italy will become a full member. Good luck!

This is an inteview to Van Baz, the current italian CP:

- Why Italy wants to join to Aurora?

Italy wanted and want to join Aurora because in several moments in the recent past this ally does what all the others have not. Italy, that's a fact, was very near to Sirius at Sirius born, but that ally does't help us like Aurora.

-What do you think about the current situation of the alliances ingame?

I think that in this moment we could see a singular balance of power never seen on erepublik, that's a good news, this situation helps all the players in the eworld to be active, dynamic...in the past...not very late of course...do you remember TWO vs CoT or TWO vs CoT vs Eden? In that past "boredom was a friend for several players in the eworld". I think that this fluid present with Aurora-Sirius-Asteria is very interesting and exciting.

- Please, tell us about the friends and the enemies of eItaly.

😃 we have only friends ... no it's not true

We have historical ones like Croatia and Greece, yes I say Greece, and I will specify that be friends of a people who have done so much for Italy like Greece is not an insult for MKD, we hope that these countries will talk together someday and end their disagreements.

We have also bran-new friends like Chile and Bulgary, they also help us against our "ancestral" enemies: Serbia and Slovenia

- South of Italy was ocuppied by Serbia about 3-4 motnhs ago and now by Greece. To liberate all ur originals is a short term goal for ur country?.

Liberate all our originals regions is a long term goal for us, Serbia occupied our regions for years! Greece in this moment is a strategical pad between Italy and Serbia who is our real problem.

- Something to say to all citizens of Aurora?

Aurora citizens may be proud of this alliance that could not be the biggest one or the strongest one, but is certainly, without any doubt, the best organized one and that peculiarity make always the difference on the battlefield.

- Thanks for the interview!.

Thx a lot
Have a good game
See u soon on battlefield


These are the new CP’s of the full members of Aurora. Good luck along this month, we hope you can achieve the best goals for your countries and the alliance:

Bulgaria. Dead Girls Cant Say No
Chile. diegogabriel07
Germany. Edelmann
Indonesia. riansya
Ireland. mirek12345
Macedonia. ivan.sk
Paraguay. Miguel Chamorro

Aurora congratulates to Bulgaria, days ago our friends have got an e-historical achievement: after a succesful AS to Georgia, bulgarians have 10/10 of bonus. We are happy for Paraguay too, the lions of El Chaco, with the support of Aurora and T.E.T.A.S, defeated to Israel.

Germany is figthing at this moment a TW agaisnt Denmark and signed the North Sea Protection pact. After to reset some regions in France, Chile is fighting to recover its french colonies. Chile has been for about three months in Europe, rocking and shaking the old world.

This is an interview to Tric0, former Aurora-SG and ex CP x2 of Chile

- You are an active player in eR, as a soldier, in govs and in alliances. ¿Why do you like to play eR?.

I like to play eR because I like challenges. I like the spirit of the community, the team building that stands behind all those clics. I'm not that patriot, as I've chosen a country I don't know RL and let appart the three closest RL countries (the one my roots are from, the one wher I born and the on I live)

- As CP of Chile you liderated an AS to Europe/Switzerland, and an attack agaisnt Hungary/Romania/Serbia/Slovenia. As a result you built an empire. ¿What is your opinion about that campaign?

Those 30 days were the most beautiful of my entire eLife. Transforming in gold everything Chile was touching. I will never ever forget that month

- As a matter of patiente and time, Serbia announced a revenge against Chile time ago: rain of frogs and snakes, water into blood, pain pills for our national team and Vidal in Brazil. Any message for the prophets of "tik-tak"?

Well, first of all, I'm affraid that revenge will arrive in the next 30 days as Serbia won't have much opponents, most of them will support their national football team in Brasil, so, we have to be very carefull, that could arrive in the next few days...

- Aurora have been fighting hard against some Asteria countries. In your opinion, only in that alliance does exist enemies for Aurora?

Enemies are where we want them to be, as well in Asteria or in any other alliance. The balance of moods is something very fragile and could break at any moment.

- Italy and Mexico are trial countries of Aurora, any message for their citizens?

I call for patience and devotion for those countries. The way could be long and hard but the reward is really delicious. Hold on!!!

- Something of Sci-Fi: Sirius is officially died. What should be done by Aurora as a next step?

Well, first of all, burry them, I suppose, then organize a party with their widows(?)

- Finally, It's pretty common the read that game is dying, does still exist chances to have fun in eR?

I hear that every single day that the game dies and, every day, I lose good friends. For what it concern to me, as long as I have fun in this game, it will be alive

- Thanks for the interview!.

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