CP Candidacy June-July 2014

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Es tut mir zehr leid, aber ich kann nicht Deutsch zo gut sprechen. Vielleicht jemand kann diese für mich übersetzen?

I have never spoken in a roundabout way, or said things in a manner with the intent of confusing my intended audience. I always try to be as direct and clear, sometimes even blunt. So, this platform/manifesto will be organised, read or skim as you please.

Personal History

In high school I took only one year of German and loved it. Although at the time my passion was French, I joined German Club. (I still have my shirt that I painted at an activity that has the Austrian flag under the word “Österreich”.)

I’m currently in undergraduate studies at a small college in South-Central Pennsylvania, United States. Formerly a French major, and now a Chemistry major with a French minor I am working towards my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

I have a passion for European cultures and languages, as well as world history, politics and of course Minecraft.

eRepublik History

So much of this has been forgotten. In the beginning I started in eUK working for the Royal Navy and was stationed in eRussia. I don’t remember much from that time but I do remember I disliked it. What comes next is a blur. I switched citizenships frequently, eCanadian, eBritish, eFrench (I actually graduated from their military programme at some point). Up until this point I was much of what is called a “two-clicker”. I then was one of the first immigrants to eNew Zealand. Here under the guidance of my party for the most part headed by Albert Neurath, I finally started being active in politics. After the complete PTO of eNZ, the party officials realised the fight was hopeless as the PTOers possessed around 70% of the population, we searched for countries that would accept us as a group of new citizens who would work to better the country that we migrated to. Due to multiple personal reasons, I have taken several breaks from eRepublik but I am finally back in eAustria and plan to continue my service to Her.

(I have a resumé on my profile. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/3hs2tsj)

Term Goals

I have never felt so passionate about eRepublik until eAustria. Long ago, I decided that Carinthia was now my eHome and it always will be. I realise the importance of the constant battle against the fall of this community that we all know and love, but we must remember that this is our community, our home, our friends and that we must protect this from those that wish harm on us. I plan to maintain the current anti-PTO measures already in place. This does not mean that I refuse these individuals the right to live in or be apart of the eAustrian community, they are of course welcome to join us and enjoy what great bonds we have formed where everyone works together to better the community and the country of eAustria.

Secondly, I wish to start back up a programme that I remember from the past, the Summer Concert Series. Where eAustrians post links to YouTube videos of their favourite songs and artists and share their little corner of the eAustrian culture.

As always, a baby boom is a goal. I have always had the idea of putting up posters around local coffee shops or public posting boards to help the eAustrian community grow. I also heard of an idea of using social media such as Facebook ads or sharing a link to a poster to recruit new eAustrians.

I have a few personal goals. Firstly, I love seeing eAustria in Her entirety on the map. So a personal goal of mine is

I so far have been backed as a candidate for President of eAustria by the Presidents of the Austrian Communist Party, the Osterreich Independence Party and the National Front, but ultimately the choice is yours. Whether you vote for me or against me on the 5th is all I ask from eAustria. I would love to serve eAustria, and in the same manner that I ask each CP, please allow me to serve eAustria to my fullest extent as you see fit.

Incumbent Vice-Minister of Education of eAustria

Rot-weiß-rot bis in den Tod!

(Please PM if interested in cabinet positions if campaign is successful.)
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