[AURORA] New HQ - Yesterday, We were macedonians!!

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When they ride forth on their errand, their armour sheds a strange flickering light, which flashes up over the northern skies, making what men call the "Aurora”

~SHOUT: [AURORA] New HQ - Yesterday, We were macedonians!!

English version:

Our alliance want to thanks to Tric0, Don Croata, Darko Dimovski and Mininuns for their dedication and huge job as the former HQ of our alliance, and announces a new HQ:

PacoX - Secretary General of Aurora (SG)
PhantomMKD - Supreme Commander of Aurora (SC)
Pescaman - Public Relations of Aurora (PR)

After an exhaustive job looking for our former SG, we found him resting, taking sun in a caribbean beach with a piña colada at his side and a Margarita waiting its turn. This is an interview to Don Croata along his e-vacations in Varadero-Cuba.

- What have been the main achievement of our alliance last months?
Well it started from founding the alliance, we didn't wanted to rush things, we took step by step, firstly creating simple Charter, electing HQ, organising our military hierarchy, I think those first weeks were crucial for us, because everything which came after those days has just been product of a good organisation and of course dedication of our members.

Securing congress for Macedonia, Airstrikes in Europe by Chile, Ireland and Paraguay (twice) and also securing congress for all our members is definitly highlight of Aurora.

- What do you think we need to improve inside our alliance?

I really think that alliance can't work better than it's working now, maybe we should edit few things in Charter and create Alliance's bank, but that's not THAT necessary for the alliance.

- Brazil and USA are out of Sirius, someone thinks in a CoT vs. TWO deja vu. ¿What do you think about it?
Well, it can look like it, but I think CoT members learned from its mistakes and we'll never let something like this repeat.

- MKD won an epic battle against Greece and recovered its originals. ¿Any message for macedonians?...and something to tell to the greeks?

Macedonians has been crucial part of the Aurora, they remained patient and waiting for a long time to alliance attack Greece with its full power, yes we've secured congress, but core regions haven't been goal of the alliance, we've focused on some other things, but Macedonians remained patient and that's what made things go smoothly, I have to congratulate to them.

A message for Greeks: Sign NAP with Macedonia, because we'll fight you as long as you don't sign it.

- Mexico have worked pretty hard this last month to be integrated to Aurora. what another country would u like to see in Aurora? Cuba maybe?

Mexico didn't had the best start of trial period, before Lalo came as CP we really didn't think Mexico will be accepted as full member, but now I'm a lot more positive about it when communication improved.

I'd like to see Netherlands and India in Aurora, because they are dedicated allies, but I know they have their own problems and that we can't accept them before those problems are solved. I hope that will happen soon.

Cuba? Yes, I'd like that since I'm eCuban now haha..but that's up to eCuban people to decide, I said in HQ it's my vacation place and that no one shouldn't attack eCuba 😛

- Please, in ur opinion, the keys of the successfull of Aurora along this last months.

It's been simply - Broterhood. We're dreamers, we lived until brotherhood became stronger than damage, today it's not all about how much damage you have, it's about how much motive you have to provide that damage to your friends and allies, we're the example of how important is to fight for your friends instead of "just" allies.

- There is a new HQ in the alliance, any recommendation for all of them?

Never put interests of countries or individuals above the alliance interests, our main strenght is respect, loyalty and dedication to each other, as long as we keep those things Aurora will be powerful. Even if we're all wiped, but still happy to help our friend we'll prevail, I'm sure about that. Let's live our dream of alliance with friends instead of alliance of interests. Fck bonuses, fck everything except friendship.


Yesterday, 2th june, it was a intense day of battle and effort (and the infamous headless chicken). Everything happened along the battle of Povardarie: motivated soldiers, huge and strange CO's, a lot of bugs, and and epic last round. For the whole day, the Aurora troops were fighting hard, side by side, as a result we are glad to announce that Macedonia got a great victory and recovered its originals: The Republic of Macedonia is free at last!!!.

THANKS TO ALL AURORA FOR THIS VICTORY!!!, we are REALLY PROUD of you, and ofc, thanks to the greeks and their allies for this fun and this good battle.

This is an interview to Alexander Macedon, the current macedonian CP.

- Why do you play eR?

I play this game 4.5 years and I have met to many friends, I love the community and maybe that's the only thing that is still important and the main reason that I'm still here 😉

- You are commander of Macedonian Army. Something to tell us about ur MU?

MU Macedonian Army was created one year ago. It's the strongest MU in eMacedonia and we have a tradition when a CP is elected he's appointed as Military Commander.

- After a day of headless chicken, bugs all around and a heavy combat, today MKD got a great victory in Povardarie against Greece, recovering its originals. Why won MKD?, any message to the macedonians and the alliance?

Ah, it was a great battle. As you said we had that headless chicken numerous times and made us lot of problems but we won. We won because we needed that. We show the eWorld that we are still alive, we can fight with everyone and we can win! Macedonians showed courage and determination to deal with this situation, and I'm very proud that I'm CP of eMacedonia in this good days. We had great support from Aurora and as I have said this in the past months - Aurora is the best organised alliance, with true brothers, sisters and friends, and we as Macedonians are very proud to be founders of this great alliance !!!

- Do you think someday is possible a kind of peace o cease of fire between MKD and Greece? Any message to the greeks?

Well yes, why not. We had peace in the past, when we were bored with those constant wars, and when they were weaker than us. I must say that we this new changes cease of fire is the best options for both countries. We shall see what will happen.

- These last months have been good for MK😨 AS to AUS, Indo defeated to Greece in AUS, today MKD has recovered its originals. ¿Are you satisfied?¿what's the next achievement for MKD?

We had good couple of months. We were wining were was necessary and I'm very pleased with that. We made this game more interesting and the flame of wining is back. And now, well we are going for 10/10 😃

- In your opinion, What do you like to improve in Aurora? and ¿what must avoid to do our alliance?.

Well there is little what to change in Aurora. We are working perfectly and we have good communication and cooperation. I've always said that I don't want to see Aurora as second CoT and we are not. And I made it clear in every our meeting this is what we are and what we need.

- Thanks for the interview!.

Pescaman - PR of Aurora

Loyalty, Liberty, Dignity!