Remember that day, the 2nd of May!

Day 2,356, 08:02 Published in Romania Serbia by Bogi

What a fun day yesterday! With that high determination bonuses, airstrikes, and FAR birthday! Happy bithday guys! 🙂

As always, FAR prepared something interesting for its birthday. Last year, they freed Saxony from Poland and cut their bonuses. This year, it was Russia! Yes, mother Russia is now free of Bulgarian tyranny. Also, Taurida is no longer Bulgarian, nor is Podolia! FAR also freed two regions of Moldova, hope Bulgaria is removed from there too!

Argentina is doing good job beating Croatia in India:

They can run behind India, but they cannot hide!

Spain is being wiped on its home groun😨

Spain tried to fly to Finland, but nobody cared enough to help them land 🙁 (Poland was fighting the mighty Swedish army and Turkey barely made it against Iran):

And in the en😨
FAR > Spain
FAR > Croatia

Hail republik of FAR!