State of eAustria

Day 2,355, 22:09 Published in Austria Austria by Ludoviko la Nepreparita

I find it rather odd, all this talk about Vaseline. I have returned from being inactive and apparently eAustria has become very sexualised in my absence...

I noticed that the top article as this being written titled 'NASA AUSTRIJ!' or something like that but with cryllic scrpit, was at the top. Upon translation of the couple of paragraphs of cryllic text, this is what I saw:

I'm rather confused about all of this "vaseline" talk. Could it be soming similar to this?

If that is the case, can I assume that eAustria should be working against a PTO? Because it seems that this one is not only present, but is actively insulting our country as well as announcing its intentions.

DE: Es tut mir leid, aber ich habe nicht im Deutsch geschrieben für mehr als ein Jahr. Ich brauche mehr Zeit.

Rot-weiß-rot, bis in den Tod!