Club Champions Cup will take place after the World Cup

Day 2,338, 11:16 Published in Portugal Portugal by helstad
Club Champions Cup will take place after the World Cup

It has been confirmed, football will also have a club competition which will start right after the World Cup. The CCC - Club Champions Cup will feature the 32 most popular football clubs in the eWorld.

While in the World Cup all eRepublik players are automaticaly in and can play for their national team at any moment, the CCC will be different. To represent their club, players will have to signup to participate, but it's very simple, all you have to do is fill the following form:

The clubs which will participate in the CCC will be the most popular and with stronger players. The matches will be decided using a formula that includes 3 variables:

1) Popularity of a club
2) Strongest players (2 of the top 10 selected randomly in each match)
3) Random players (2 will be selected for each match)

Using this formula results can range from 0-0 to 6-0 and all players can be important, it doesn't matter if you have 50k strenght or 1k strenght, you can still be important to help your team.

So if you like the idea and want to participate, just fill the form and share this project with yur friends:

The form will be active until the end of the group stage of the World Cup. By then the 32 teams which wil participate in the Club Champions Cup will be revealed.

Thanks for reading, please vote, shout and subscribe to help this project!