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Day 2,310, 04:43 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

:In Short:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
make yourselves comfortable, take a seat, and by the way, don’t forget to Subscribe to this Newspaper you are reading at the moment. Yes, in the upper right corner.

Like so many other things those days, our Newspaper is still young, in time it will grow, get some new outfits (graphics and visuals), but the more important, it’s articles will tell you the story of AsteriA and Leto Galaxy … a great International Family, working, fighting, having fun and struggling together for their members and the Future.

Asteria*Leto Press and Media Department

:Nice try, but try again. Nothing can bring us down !:

Whatever the winds or the storms, AsteriA is still here today, definitely will be here tomorrow and in the days after tomorrow as well. Striving toward improvements, organizing better, getting stronger, taking the time to talk each other and strengthen our friendship, we are just at the beginning of a great adventure. A mutual future to build, by getting together the needed passion to make that times… just Awesome.

As for every individual, or group, we will know some rainy days but for sure also some Glorious ones, and we will do our best to make that last ones came back soon and last as long as possible.

There are and will again be times, when Asteria Leto & Friends will draw a line into the sand and say out loud : “This is our home and no enemy will cross that line!”. One step at the time, we will rise the wall together or come to get our enemies wherever they are or hide, street by street, house by house, … Expect us o7

One World!
One Friendship!
Asteria & Leto Galaxy!

Hail All of us, & our Friends!

Many things were told, wrote, shouted about what some would like to call *Magyar Gate* or something, obviously by lack of real insights or in order to spread cheap propaganda. The reality is much more trivial, and close to what can happen in a group sometimes. Consider some communication bugs, cross versions and misunderstandings with some useless pressure, that can be in some circumstances enough to cause some troubles … or making those troubles look bigger than they really are.

So ?

Hungary is and will forever be “one of the 6” AsteriA Founders.
Hungary is still one of us, whatever the IG Page prompts.
Hungary will came back, Stronger than ever !

😕ETO Updates:

You got it, the family is growing, and LETO is proud to announce the arrival of our Persian Friends and Brothers as our next official member. Believe us or not, but it seems that there is another parallel dimension, another “Life” so called “Real Life”, and there, in the Real Life there are among others, two opposing countries … Israel and Iran. Well, sometimes, our eRepublikan world succeed into bringing together on the same side, at least virtually, countries that the Real Life use to oppose.

Hail to that!

Hail Israel!
Hail Iran!

Hail Asteria and Leto!

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