Ladies and Gentlemen...

Day 2,273, 04:35 Published in Ireland Spain by Luke Grenier

I decided to create a newspaper about the Left Hand Party because of the recent event.

Who Am I ?

- Today, I'm Luc Grenier the Founder and Co-President of "The Left Hand of Ireland" (Or Left Hand). (And I'm French, so please forgive me for the many English mistakes I do)

What is The Left Hand Party ?

- When I founded this party, my main idea was to create the party of the opposition.
For me, we needed this kind of party to develop the debates and talks.
It's not to tell "No" to all of the President's ideas. It's to show the other part or the consequences of the proposal ideas. But if the Idea is good. We could say it !

Why now ?

- That's the second time we have (in the Congress) a proposal law from a Party Member.
And I really want to light the situation. If we (The Party) have a law to make it voted. It's the President of the Party (Or me) who propose the law. And it's because we have talk about this law. And if a law isn't from the PP, the Party decline the responsibility and we do the necessary to fix the problem.

Who can join us ?

- Everyone in fact. The door is open. You should respect the rules of the Party and nothing else. You are the welcome !