Congressman's report - December 2013

Day 2,256, 13:36 Published in United Kingdom Romania by The Aged and Eminent Tommiecat
Greetings Sir/Madam,

Today is the last day in which I am representing the eBritish people as an appointed congressman on behalf of The Unity Party. It was a long month. Many interesting events happened and thus without further ramble, I present you my activity report: a bundle of 38 law proposals and 1 citizenship grant.

Law proposals
1st and 2nd proposals - Nickalollyoff's XP proposals - Voted NO: These are the last two proposals of the November term and at the same time the first two proposals I have voted on. Since they were obviously two troll proposals with their only purpose being Nick gaining a little bit of experience I have obviously voted no on both of them.

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th proposals - ChewChewShoe's first troll sequence - Voted NO: As most of you know, at the end of 2013, ChewChewShoe decided to run away with a decent amount of eUK's treasury. As it was to be expected, Chew didn't stop and continued to troll us by proposing a series of laws that had no actual benefit to eUK and it's citizens. In this sequence he has proposed a war against Finland, an alliance with his beloved country, Ireland, a trading embargo on one of our most powerful allies, Poland, a new citizen message and he has also proposed us to leave the alliance we were in at that time, TWO. We have obviously voted against all of these proposals.

8th proposal - MPP with eSlovenia proposal - Voted YES: This was the first serious proposal of this term, an alliance proposal from eSlovenia's president. It was a proposal we all accepted with open hands as it was a proposal which meant 30 more days of support from and to our allies, eSlovenia.

9th proposal - Sathan's departure - Voted NO: This was a law proposal which consisted in a donation of 3000 golds (all of our treasury at that time) to eRomania and it came in the context of Sathan being recently fired from his position in TWO's HQ and this was his way of showing his frustration. He has also departed eUK later that day.

10th, 11th and 12th proposals - ChewChewShoe's second troll sequence - Voted NO: His term was slowly heading towards it's end and as it was expected, Chew didn't stop and continued his treachery and proposed three new laws which were all turned down by us. Once again, if the proposals would've passed, we would've had huge problems in our foreign relations.

13th proposal - MPP with eSerbia proposal - Voted YES: This was another proposal which we have agreed with since it was a proposal which came from one of our old foreign partners which has fought for us in countless battles.

14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th proposals - Third and last of ChewChewShoe's troll sequences - Voted NO: It was the day before his term ended and Chew decided to launch a last desperate attempt to troll us. As usual he proposed some crazy proposals which no sane congressman would've accepted.

19th proposal - The traitor's impeachment - Voted YES: This was a glorious day for eUK, a day in which we were finally able to impeach ChewChewShoe. With lots of both hatred and amusement in our souls, we have impeached the infamous and looked forward to a new beginning for eUK.

20th, 21st and 22nd proposals - Prolonging our alliances - Voted YES: In the next couple of days we have received a couple of proposals from our allies to prolong our partnerships and without much debate, we have all agreed with the proposals and thus we were happy at the prospect of having 30 more days of alliance with eRomania, eArgentina and eAustralia.

23rd proposal - Funding our Ministry of Defence - Voted YES: At the request of our MoD we have decided to fund the Ministry with 50000 gbp to support their endeavours.

24th proposal - Securing another partnership - Voted YES: Invalidation, our interim CP and the one that was sadly defeated by ChewChewShoe in the elections, decided to propose 30 days of alliance with eLithuania, proposal which we have all agreed to and hoped that they would've accepted it as well.

25th proposal - New Governor, New Request - Voted YES: New government, new governor, new request. Count Drakula has asked us to grant the Bank of England 1000 golds.

26th proposal - Turning our weapons towards eNorway - Voted YES: It was time for a little war game, a war game which we have all agreed to since eUK was in need for some entertainment, despite ChewChewShoe's rather tragic-comical act.

27th and 28th proposals - Aligning with SPoland - Voted YES: It seems that there is no break on the foreign relationships front and it definitely was no break in eUK either. At Kravenn's initiative, it was the day when we have prolonged our partnership with SPoland.

29th proposal - The fall of TWO - Voted YES: Z-day, ladies and gentlemen. The fall of TWO was knocking on our door.

30th and 31st proposals - 2 other partnerships - Voted YES: Yes! Two other partners asked us for alliances. As usual, we have agreed upon eTaiwan's and eHungary's proposals.

32nd proposal - The Hundred Years war is back - Voted YES: It was time for yet another classic clash with eFrance. Knowing that the citizens were ready and eager to battle the Francs, we have voted yes and reloaded our guns.

33rd and 34th proposals - Mistake and Alliance - Voted YES: We've been proposed 30 more days of partnership with eGreece and 30 more days with eTaiwan. By mistake we have all accepted both of the laws and we are looking forward to 30 more days of support from eGreece and 60 more days from eTaiwan.

35th and 36th proposals - Encouraging taxation - Voted NO: G.Walker has proposed some tweaks in our taxation system but after a little debate with our Minister of Finance we have decided to turn them down and maintain the current taxation for the time being.

37th proposal - Canadown - Voted YES: With the France threat gone and Canada deep into our territory it is now time to push the infidels out of our lands.

38th proposal - The Fraternity with the Yanks - Voted YES: Yet another alliance proposal from our old partners. There was no doubt that the law was going to pass.

In terms of citizenships granted I've been a little bit more reserved. After taking in consideration a couple of factors I have decided to grant only one citizenship, a citizenship to Kapten Johnson, an old member of our community having represented us in both Congress and Government on various occasions.