Day 2,253, 01:43 Published in North Macedonia Cuba by Klaus Hargreeves

Hello good erep people
Please excuse me for my bad English.

This article is about the finest diplomacy presented by Serbian MoFA.
Yesterday I read an official article by the Serbian government. If you have not yet read,you should do that.It’s so simple and it will not take more than 1 minute,but it will “make your day” 🙂.And also you can learn something about diplomacy, and that is what you shouldn’t do to not become an object of ridicule.

I can understand that this days are not so great for eSerbia,but I can’t understand how anyone could stoop so low in search of friends.

Without shame and minimum ethics, begging not to be abandoned by some allies, how can you reach that goal through offending other states and nations?
In diplomacy you need facts, patience and smooth negotiating,not insults and football clubs.You need to have respect,for yourself,for your allies and also for your enemies.Respect to be respected!
To be respected is not something that is given by God.That must be earned.In this game you can try it on battlefield!

In diplomacy You should try to not make enemies everywhere, because you do not know who is your potential and future ally..

“Dear” e-serbin DoFA(disaster of Foreign Affairs), your country is the greatest force in this game, but you put it on the lowest possible level.And this the perfect way to How to stay alone…in the end.

With great anticipation We are waiting for your next article.I think this will not be the last 🙂

Summary or what we learn:
If your country want to sign MPP with Greece,you should publish an article with this content:
1.Fail FYROM
2.Bad Fyromanians
3.Hail Paok,Olimpiakos(or other greek football club)
And that’s it.You can have greek damage on your side….MAYBE

If Greece leaves you,what is more likely,the MACEDONIAN DOOR IS CLOSED FOR YOU!!!


Браќа и сестри Македонци.Ве молам не навредувајте цели нации.Чувајте ја присебноста,културата и кул однесувањето.Не се спуштајте ниско,зашто со идиот не може да се разбереш.Прво ќе те натера да се спуштиш на негово ниво,а потоа ќе те победи на искуство