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Day 2,249, 10:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by Belgium.info

Salut eBelgians,

Ten days into this term so time for a small update on what has been happening in eBelgium. Government has not been sitting idly and also in the e-world enough has happened.

Party President elections

The Party President elections weren't as big of a success as we hoped it would be. The PTO'ers send a candidate Aries sun to PTO our Res Belgica and as a countermeasure we send a candidate Olv007 to Liberation Front. The results where close and in both parties we lost by just a few votes. It was surprising to see that the number of PTO'ers voting was significantly higher than ever before. Next month we will get Res Belgica back but until then I would like to ask people in Res Belgica to move to other parties for the time being.

Natural Enemy Poland

As some might have noticed, earlier today I proposed Poland as Natural Enemy, This was done with consent of Poland. This was done so so Belgium will be wiped again before the next congress elections. The liberations of our regions was only temporary so the determination would be lowered. As the last Party President elections has shown the PTO threat is serious and there are enough for them to bring us in seriously problems during Party President elections so also other elections like Country President and congress elections. It would be disastrous if we would have congress and the PTO'ers would get a good chunk of the seats in congress.


TWO is dissolving, countries like Poland, Spain, Montenegro and other countries left, are leaving or have proposed to leave TWO and more will surely follow. This was a long time coming and it was just a matter of time until it would dissolve after COT dissolved. Without any real enemy they will start fighting among themselves so everybody had seen this coming. The question is what will happen now? With TWO dissolving and COT being dissolved a while back the e-world is without any (big) alliances but I have heard about talks between countries about new alliances that will be formed. eBelgium will keep a close eye on things and there will be a discussion if we want to stay neutral or join one of the alliances that will be formed.

Honorary Citizens

A couple of former eBelgium citizens requested and where given honorary foreigner status by our congress. Former president mittekemuis, Gyantse, viridi. Also MaryamQ who was a long time citizen of eBelgium who was president many times and held many different position in government, court and was a multi term congresswoman left eBelgium and also requested honorary foreigner status and it is under discussion currently


Recently, after a long discussion in congress where all opinions where heard congress voted on making eBelgium a monarchy, the law was later amended after some concerns where raised but eBelgium is officially a Monarchy again. In the past eBelgium was a monarchy with Mittekemuis as queen but that monarchy was abolished fairly quickly after she left to the eUK. congress has nominated candidates for being king and congress is currently voting on the matter.

Eendracht maakt macht / L'union fait la force

The Valeyard
President of eBelgium