The Economist ~ The end of TWO

Day 2,248, 12:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

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Dear friends,

TWO is over. As with all things, alliances must come to an end somehow and somewhen, and the time is now. Since the election of Cookies as SG last year, the effort that has been put into the alliance has gradually declined. The countries in the alliance have grown gradually more hostile. They have stuck together purely out of convenience- to preserve the domination that they have held since the final fall of EDEN. But a marriage of convenience can’t last forever.

TWO has been an adventure for us all. Probably the only time any side has achieved a ‘total’ victory, and probably the only time that will ever happen. I can’t imagine any alliance achieving it again, but that kind of victory is not the only reason we play. We also play for fun, for excitement, for new things. I believe, and have believed for some time, that TWO stands in the way of that.

This is an end, but I think it is more of a mutually agreed split than a messy divorce. TWO’s members have spent a long time together, the core group mostly since ONE days, and we maintain a friendly relationship even as we part ways. As with every split, it is both an end and a beginning, as the game field is levelled and countries can begin to reconnect with friends old and new to make a new game world for us to play in.

On a personal note, I have many friends throughout the TWO Empire. Whatever may happen, know that you can count on me as a friend and someone to talk to, and I retain the highest respect for you all.


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