[CP]First Presidential Announcement!!!

Day 2,240, 16:36 Published in South Africa Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by The Argead

First of all I want to Thank all the South Africans that Voted for me and Trusted in me.
This Presidential Elections were the Most thrilling ones because when the voting ended Cemmo was in the Lead by 2 votes we all thought that he won.

But the Admins had cutted 4 Votes and I have became President of South Africa with only 2 votes difference.

They have about 80 legal votes and probably next Month they will be able to have their own CP.But I will do what I can to Stop them in their Goals.

Part of the Plans for this Month I have published in my Previous Article.I will do my best this term to solve the problem with the occupied regions from Argentina so expect war soon.
I want to inform you that the money that has been Stolen from the National Bank will not be Returned from the Admins but it is possible Tenshibo to get Perm Ban from the Admins.

Cabinet Update:
I didn't had MOS and DBI in my last article so I will publish their names now.

Minister of Security:Al Kazar
Deputy Minister of Security:Enriche2Ribeiro
DBI:Uber Kiko

Well that was all for now expect more articles from me in the Future.

CP of South Africa
The Macedonian warior