Interview to Xanthar Zaiban (First Titan***)

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Hello my eFriends. Today I come with a really good article. Today, my friend Xanthar Zaiban got Titan ***. Its the first erpublik player to get this military rank.

I sent him a message and he decided to accept my proposal for an interview.

Here we go with the questions.

1.How did you register in eR?

I was deployed in Somalia in 2009 and a friend of mine told me about the game. I didn't understand that he would get gold from being a referrer, so I just signed up instead of waiting for the link... ooops. He'd be a very erich man now 😛

2.Did you follow the way of some big player when you were young player?

Not really... I looked up to some guys though. Tom Morgan was a younger player and in charge of my "ship" when I was in the eUK Royal Navy in V1. A good guy and a great strategist... back when that actually mattered. He was a good mentor and I learned a lot from him. Back in those days strength was like 11.2 or 10.8 and that was strong LOL. Walls mattered... sigh. Where did it all go so wrong?

3.How do you feel when you are the first Titan*** ?

I'm very happy. I was the first Titan** as well... I just didn't get as much publicity because I wasn't so well known then 😛

4.We know that your favourite module is military one, but, for you, which one is the worst?

Economy. IT IS HORRIBLE! I can't believe that they haven't come up with a better way to level the playing field and actually help people make money. Need to bring orgs back and make things like they used to be. Let us be innovative, the admins meddling has brought about nothing but chaos.

5.What is "tank" for you?

A tank is someone who can dish out dmg and during a battle. Someone who can balance the amount of damage done by an enemy tank. It isn't always about doing the most damage, but making a difference when you enter the field of battle. I am not the strongest player in eRepbublik, but I make a difference when I join a battle. I'd like to think that I do anyway.

6.Do you have eFamily?

My eMum is Helen Moon... I don't believe in real life problems coming to erepublik, so there is no problem here for me. If people don't like the fact that my eMum is rl Serbian, I don't really care. Crusadercarl is my ebrother and Srnica is my sweetass 😛 Can't be any clearer on that one sorry LOL.
I have tons of friends that I like chatting with and I pretty much get along with everyone.

7.Top 3 of favourite eCountries and top 3 of worst eCountries.

These are the countries I like the most... Croatia, Chile, and New Zealand. I don't dislike any country to be honest... I just don't hit for certain ones because I don't like to do anything for their benefit.

8.What would you want to say to the new players in order to motivate them?

Stay in the lower divisions as long as possible to work on your strength and learn the rules of the game. They are always changing, so no need to rush into D4. Be patient is the biggest key in my opinion. Look at other D1-D3 players and see how they go about it. It's not easy to be a young player anymore, so watching others and learning how they go about doing things is the best I have to offer.

9. If you could change one thing in eRepublik... what would you change?

The battle module. I'd love for strategy to mean something in this game again. I'd also make another division. The strength difference between players in D4 is ludicrous... how will that ever be fair? It's not supposed to be. It's like this so younger D4 players buy more gold to compete... it's a money maker pure and simple.

10.Next mission in eR?

300 CH and lvl 300. I don't intend to tank a whole lot anymore after that. I'm done being a gold buyer... it won't happen anymore, I can promise you that much. It's just not worth it in my opinion.

11.As we see in your profile description, you don´t forget to Don KronoX, how was your friendship with him? Do you know that in last week 2 erepublik players died?

Don was one of the original tanks. People would leave battlefields when he showed up, and beyond that, a great person and even better friend. We had many a conversation about tanking and how much of an addiction buying gold is. I've achieved what nobody else has so far, and now that I'm finished it's time to sit back and watch the next wave of tanks. I did not know that 2 other erep players had died. It's a horrible part of life and I hope their families, friends, and loved ones find some peace.

12.How many forfeit points have you collected in all your eLife?

4 or 5 for inflammatory verbiage and being mean I suppose... I was even tempbanned for 3 days once. I asked how much accts were being sold for or something like that in a shout. LOL... who would have known?

13. Favourite song? Favourite sport?

Simple Man by Shinedown.... orginally by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Primo Victoria by Sabaton. I love rugby and football. Being from New Zealand originally, I'm a huge All Blacks fan and I love Manchester United. Forever haunted by selling CR7 to Real Madrid... sigh.

14. How is your friendship with other players like AlexMCS182, Romper, Argrob... ?

I get along with all of them really well. Romper has had some good advice for me recently... especially since I've done a lot of dmg in the last 4 months. Haters come with the territory of being one of the biggest tanks. AlexMCS182 is a good mate and an amazing person. One of the nicest guys I've met on erep. Argrob is a really good guy, and I enjoy our brief interactions.

Ending with the message, he says this: "I have no real life biases that I bring with me to erep, so I answer all pm's except the ones asking for free stuff. I have no problem answering any question thrown my way. I rarely give free stuff to people, so don't bother asking, it probably won't happen. Other than that... msg away. I'll get to you eventually. Thanks for the interview ReMiiX... good luck with your article! o7"

As you can see he is a great player that is here for have some fun in his free time. You can PM him (Don´t ask him for free things) and he will write you back.

I have an idea... uhmmm... why we don´t send him small donations as a gift for TITAN *** ? He wrote his name in the history of eRepublik, why not a little gift for his incredible work here?

Please, send him a little gift 🙂 We have to be nice between us.

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