Manifesto - A glance at and beyond

Day 2,226, 18:59 Published in United Kingdom Romania by The Aged and Eminent Tommiecat
Greetings Sir/Madam,

It is my great honour to give and I am hoping that you will accept my warmest welcome and most sincere thank you for according me the pleasure to grab five minutes of your time and therefore obliging me to live up to your expectations.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself and so allowing you to further understand this manifesto by not only knowing the words but soon also knowing the writer.

Should you decide to take a glance at my passport, you would soon notice that my name is, as given by my beloved godparents, Mihai. And although many of my friends would refer to me like that, even more of them would rather call me Mike. Not as monumental as Michael and yet still not as juvenile as Mikey, Mike would be that kind of person with whom you could as easily talk about a plot to impeach a president as you would talk during a rainy night about that one girl from your childhood you have always liked but you were just too scared to ask out.

Now, in order for me to fulfil my goal I believe that it is of great importance that everybody knows and understands what they reading and how should they react to such a statement.

The word manifesto traces its roots to the Latin manifestum, which means clear or conspicuous. So we take it that a manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions and it is basically a document that an organization or a person writes and declares what is important to them.

Starting from ChewChewShoe's rather disappointing mandate and all the way to Sathan's more than unnecessary false impeachment law, the latest course of events that happened on the political front made me join The Unity Party, a party in which so far I've found and hopefully I'll find some more honest people, people with character and basically people that are not afraid to state their feelings towards issues of national importance.

On this occasion I would also like to thank Lord Farhan for granting me the opportunity to serve as a councillor to the party this month and further involve into both it's internal and external affairs and endeavours.

Many of you may have noticed and it is true that militarily I am still involved in Templierii, a Romanian military unit that has helped me a lot in the early stages and is still helping me further develop. I am most thankful to Cat76, the coordinator of the academy and to KJM27, the mentor I've been assigned to. These two people have taught me a very interesting and rather clever training scheme, a scheme which I am hoping that will soon be recommended to eUK's young citizens as well. They've suggested me that in order to entirely fulfill myself on the military front, I should urge to develop my strength rather than my experience. Even more, they've been supplying me with two rocket packs (priced at around 1 gold) each day in order to be able to deliver 100.000 damage per day and increase my strength with approximately 90 points per day, all these at an experience growth rate of only 10 experience points per day. (Quite impressive, isn't it!?)

The National Health Service is another programme that I am currently involved in and which I am totally supporting. I strongly believe that our citizens must not only be taught how to achieve it but also be helped to achieve self-sufficiency. Besides what many of you think, this is exactly what me together with the NHS are doing. Aside from the 1000 energy we are supplying to our registered members, we are also trying to give them advice and assist them towards self-sufficiency. Our goal is that reach level 28 already knowing the basics of economics and being oriented towards self-sufficiency.

Once again I hope that you will allow me to publicly thank all our donators and team (Dr Kawishiwi, Niemand, alan warwickshire, Madelina de Melrose, Deepfryedmarsbar, Jimbobfrey, Lord Cronosyn and myself) for all the efforts they are making in order to keep the organization working smoothly.

Regarding the eMedia, I may be mistaken but I believe there is a type of contest that currently does not exist in eUK and which would be highly beneficial to it. However, there is a downside to this event due to the fact that in order for this event to work properly and attract enough competitors it would be highly recommended that it has a financial incentive as a prize. In eRomania most major parties often organise some 'artistic' contests which are actually mostly about writing and stimulating the eMedia. The players are proposed a theme and they are expected to write an article starting from that central idea. I believe this would benefit eUK's media because at this point I am afraid that I cannot say that eUK has a media. However, like I said, I doubt people will be willing to spend time on an article if there's not going to be a proper prize. Personally, I wouldn't be willing to spend an hour to write an article on a subject someone else gives me if I am not going to receive something worth my while.

Another issue that has been proposed was a loan scheme that would allow our citizens to develop their training grounds faster and therefore benefit our army in regards of our soldiers power. My thoughts are somewhat divided on this issue meaning that although I support the idea, I would actually implement it only if I would have a certain set of guarantees. A solution might be only loaning to old, trustful citizens. I'm not fully behind that idea but that may be the best solution. Anyway, I would propose the government to give it a thought and let us see if we can come up with a good enough idea to be implemented in the next couple of weeks.

Last but not least, the concern for a new immigration reform is something I give a huge amount of importance to. More and more people and justified to complain about the current nature of our borders and of the conditions in which the eBritish citizenship is currently given. Being a foreigner myself, I would hope that you will allow me to be a little bit more reserved on this issue by only saying that we must be very careful what conditions we would implement and ensure and agree to the fact that they must not be fair, they must be irreproachable.

Having said all that, I would like to officially announce everybody that tomorrow, on behalf of The Unity Party, I will be in the race for a Congress seat the following month. Should you decide to vote The Unity Party and thus allowing me a place in Congress, I am proposing myself nothing less than to back ideas rather than people, starting of course with the things aforementioned.

Tomorrow the decision is yours!

Vote Mike13o6! Vote The Unity Party!

P.S.: I hope that the article is grammatically correct and should you see something out of the ordinary, please do tell me.