[ATO-news]All TOgethers newsletter(1° edition)

Day 2,224, 11:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by tommot
[ATO-news]All TOgethers-newsletter(1° edition)

Dear readers,
we, the party All TOgethers (aka ATO), find it important that you all are informed about the activities in eBelgium and in our party.
Therefore, we do have the idea to give you regularly an article, written by party-members, that say a bit more about our party or general things happening in eRepublik. We hope that you all find this very interesting to read!

Election results

Res Belgica: 38 members

1) MaryamQ 7 votes 77.78%
2) Kevin2705 2 votes 22.22%
Total votes: 9
Liberation Front: 35 members

1) Joep Hoep 8 votes 42.11%
2) Thorin II Oakenshield 7 votes 36.84%
3) Olv007 3 votes 15.79%
4) ombrenoire 1 votes 5.26%
5) Chihiroh 0 votes 0.00%
6) Moses Liberator 0 votes 0.00%
7) Djembai 0 votes 0.00%
Total votes: 19
All TOgethers: 27 members

1) tommot 9 votes 100.00%
Total votes: 9
The Belgian Dream: 22 members

1) e Vladimir 8 votes 100.00%
Total votes: 8
P.A.N.D.A.P.A.R.T.Y.: 14 members

1) Critically 17 votes 56.67%
2) ChristijanXD 13 votes 43.33%
Total votes: 30
Union-Unie: 14 members

1) SX80 4 votes 80.00%
2) DarkoDimovski1 1 votes 20.00%
Total votes: 5
H.O.P.E. for the People: 7 members

1) Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1 votes 100.00%
Total votes: 1
Belgian Communist Party: 2 members

1) djole1122 1 votes 100.00%
Total votes: 1
Belgian Labour Party: 2 members

1) Jens Leupe 4 votes 80.00%
2) lord Lukausus 1 votes 20.00%
Total votes: 5

A week ago, we had party president elections. ATO had only one candidate: tommot. He is a long-time member of ATO and has an excellent reputation. Since he was the only member, he was anyway elected. ATO has requested therefore their members to support our ATO-friends in other parties. Unfortunately a big part of ATO (9 people) voted for tommot, therefore wasting their votes.

After the recent elections, ATO has the following positions filled up
Party President tommot
vice-Party President Alexandross
Secretary General Mr. Wonka
Councillor Boklevski
Spokesman JdlF

Here are a few more interesting trivia about ATO:

* The Top 3 most elected Party Presidents:
1° Jofroi
2° tommot
3° ahakas, Misanthropist, Tony Clifford, Cotarius

* Both Alexandross and JdlF have been vice-Party President for 3 terms in a row.
* Tommot has been appointed as Councillor 4 terms(of which 3 terms in a row).
* Boklevski has been spokesman 5 times.
* the logo of ATO is heavily based on that of LSD, a party Jofroi(ATO founder) was member of during the time of the United Netherlands.

Here is some interesting information about our party:

* On the erepublik-forum(not the eBelgian one) - ATO recruitment presentation
* Our wiki-page - http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/All_TOgethers
* We also have a presence on the eBelgian forum

This is enough information for now.
Next edition will be dedicated to a survey we are doing(setting up) now.
So keep an eye out...

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If you want to make a suggestion, you will be heard.
If you want to do something yourself, you will be assisted.
If you want to help someone, you won't be alone.
The name says it all...
All TOgethers

Writer/reporter: NLSP
Co-writer/editor: tommot

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