Plato, Gift Packs and "The Wheel of Fortune"

Day 2,220, 15:50 Published in United Kingdom Romania by The Aged and Eminent Tommiecat
Greetings Sir/Madam,

I am sure that most of you already know that our dearest friend Plato has decided to grant us some Winter Promotions, promotions which are obviously available mostly to citizens with access to their own or their parent's credit card.

You have all received (or will receive) an email which will look more or less like the image I've posted below.

Although you could make yourself the wrong image and think that it is only a harmless email in the Christmas holiday spirit, we must try and look beyond the shiny pictures and understand that the bottom line of the mail is none other than BUY. Yes, Plato is advising us again to BUY and spend real money so that he can have a nice fuzzy holiday in Lapland.

The following promotions are available only until the end of Day 2233 (31st of December).

Gift a friend and get 50% for you
- If you send a Gold Pack to a friend, you will receive 50% of the Gold as a bonus for yourself
- If you send a stash or pack, you receive 50% of the Gold inside the stash/pack
- This offer is cumulative with Gold promotions

Gift Packs
Gift Packs are special presents that cannot be kept. They must be offered to friends from their profile page.

Any citizen that makes a purchase of 4,9 Euro or more will receive Gift Packs as follows:
- 1 Gift Pack for a 4,9 Euro Gold purchase
- 2 Gift Packs for a 9,9 Euro Gold purchase
- 5 Gift Packs for a 24,9 Euro Gold purchase
- 12 Gift Packs for a 59,9 Euro Gold purchase
- 20 Gift Packs for a 99 Euro Gold purchase
- 2 Gift Packs for a Combat/War Stash

- Inside a Gift Pack you will fin😨 2 Gold, 10 Winter Treats and 5 Icy Bazookas
- Customers can receive gift packs until the end of Day 2233 and must offer them to friends until the end of Day 2235 (2nd of January) or they will disappear.
- Icy Bazookas deal the same damage as Batzookas: 10% more damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 1, 20% more in Division 2, 30% more in Division 3 and 40% more in Division 4. Their minimum damage is also 10,000.
- Parts for Icy Bazookas will NOT be found on the battlefield. You can only get fully assembled weapons in Gift Packs
- Bazooka Booster can only be used with regular Bazookas
- Icy Bazookas will melt at the end of Day 2239 (they will NOT be converted in regular Bazookas). Be sure to use all of them!
Aside from Gold Packs, you can now gift other citizens with the following items:

- War Stash -

- Combat Stash -

- Assault Pack -

Wheel of Fortune
Along with these gifts, Plato has also decided to give us the Power Spin, a feature in which players can only win. (Nay!)

I strongly believe that the spins will come only for a price which will mostly likely consist of gold and therefore we will have to be really careful whether we should or should not spin that wheel. Either way, we are eagerly waiting for it to be implemented tomorrow, eDay 2221.