[CP]Week 3, The Current Situation

Day 2,168, 05:07 Published in Belgium Belgium by Belgium.info

Dear eBelgians,

The last several days has seen a flurry of media activity in eBelgium, brought to a head by this article by Lorcema. While we understand that he was attempting to answer questions many people were asking, we had hoped to wait until after Congress elections to tell what was going on. There were two primary reasons for this:
1) There was a concern that telling too much too soon would lead to a move by some elements of the eBelgian community to undermine our efforts.
2) We had informants who we wanted to protect as long as possible so they would still have access to information we needed.

The concern about protecting people has been partially removed by recent articles by Jofroi and by Cika Nikola96. There are counter-arguments, of course, but most of the information we have has been confirmed by other sources. There is too much to publish in this one article, but we will be trying to give you more over the next few days.

Since I started tracking the use of citizenship passes in June, 71 of a possible 120 passes have been used. Of these, 69% received prior approval from the immigration officer. All 18 accepted by Res Belgica and 6 accepted by Union-Unie were approved. In The Belgian Dream, 12 of 13, and in All Togethers, 9 of 10, were approved. The two not approved would have been, as they were both returning citizens, but they were accepted prematurely. However, only 23% of the 13 accepted by HOPE were approved by the IO, and only 11% of the 11 accepted by PANDA were.

Genealogy of a PTO

This is the chain of citizenship acceptances from the time we first became aware of the entrance of known PTOers in May. Please note that all of these were admitted either against the advice of the Immigration Officer or without waiting for a decision from the Immigration Officer.

I. Manneken Piss (Aries Sun) accepted
I.A. ChristijanXD, 22 May 2013, accepted
I.A.1. Suomii, 26 May 2013
I.A.2. Drajver se vraca, 26 Jun 2013
I.A.3. astrozec, 26 Jul 2013, accepted
I.A.3.a. pevec2, 26 Aug 2013

II. BaraBum accepted
II.A. Marko Klis, 23 May 2013, accepted
II. A.1. Boris the Communist, 26 May 2013
II.A.2. Woxczbg, 27 Jun 2013
II.A.3. Mr. Vecik, 3 Sep 2013

III. Lioncoeur accepted
III.A. vladut georgel, 23 May 2013, accepted
III.A.1. Виктор Коколанс - subsequently banned for multis
III.A.2. kleptoman 1950, 1 Jul 2013
III.A.3. bNeo, 29 Aug 2013

IV. G.W.JUNIOR, accepted
IV.A. Branko C, 16 Jun 2013
IV.B. Suomii, 26 Jun 2013

V. Joep Hoep, accepted
V.A. Cika Nikola96, 22 Jun 2013

VI. shadowukcs, accepted
VI.A. Carl Johansen, 26 Jun 2013

VII. Vincent Pain, accepted
VII.A. Karl Fanderfeldt, 26 Jun 2013
VII.B. Texas Cowboy X, 1 Sep 2013, accepted
VII.B.1. Luigi BC, 12 Oct 2013

VIII. lin0leum, accepted
VIII.A. lord Lukausus, 20 Jul 2013, accepted
VIII.A.1. pen zi one r, accepted
VIII.A.1.a. Christijan, 16 Oct 2013
VIII.A.2. Nick Nolte 2, 15 Oct 2013

IX. Arnie007, accepted
IX.A. Shadowukcs, 30 Aug 2013

X. bamber, accepted
X.A. jovanica011, 5 Sep 2013

XI. Ellen R, accepted
XI.A. Thorin II Oakenshield, 4 Sep 2013

XII SwiftTueur, accepted
XII.A. J35000, 18 Oct 2013
NOTE: This CM was elected from HOPE, but moved to Belgian Communist party. Upon his illegal acceptance of J35000, his new party president, djole123, contacted me and stated he did not approve and had counseled SwiftTueur about following immigration procedures. This entry is only included for completeness.

All of the information about citizenship acceptances is publicly on the country pages of this game.

So, what does a country do when a PTO threat is identified? This article by the well known eSwiss leader, Rican, outlines many of the procedures already tried here. Especially note the suggestion to split the money among several trusted citizens, which was done two months ago by JdlF and which got exactly the reactions predicted. Note also this comment on the article, from Lady Ita of eMexico:


- Mass report of multiaccounts, you can find them in parties and MUs, in egov or using Who's online tool (this one is very useful to report multis during elections)

- Don't let a PTOed party arrive to top 5 before congress elections. Distribute all your citizens in other parties to avoid it.

- If you fail in last advice, better make your contry be wiped during next congress elections.”

Having tried all of the previous suggestions, with varying degrees of success over a period of months, a select group of trusted eBelgians chose the final option. I won’t tell all the names of that group here, but would welcome their revealing themselves if they have not done so already. A wipe had been discussed for several months, and that was not unknown to the public, but when we received information that a larger influx of PTO friends was planned, it was agreed that we could not afford to have another Congress. We contacted the government of ePoland, who were extremely helpful in agreeing to the war we proposed and also that they would hold our regions only as long as our government wished them to do so. We are very grateful for their help. CoT was also informed of this, as was shown in Lorcema’s article.

I am sorry that many of you feel communication was not what it should have been. I can only say that all who were involved in this made the decisions we did in order to protect our eCountry, knowing that it could turn against us, but believing that the interest of the country was higher than our own interest. Ultimately, I take responsibility for this, as I always planned to do from the moment I decided to run for CP. Time will tell whether we were correct.

There will continue to be more information about who the PTOers are, with evidence that has been gathered over time, but this lays out the essentials of what has happened.

CP of eBelgium