The Right to Information Act of eIndia !!

Day 2,150, 22:30 Published in India Croatia by ANANTHAKRISHNAN
Hello Indians,

As the New Cabinet led by Mr.Lysander Spooner II tries to do its best in the upcoming days,The Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to get things started with. As an Indian You should have read This Article By The Deputy Minister,GouthamKrishnan, which gives a brief on the Goals that we have set for us. And today I am writing this article to explain these in Full.

*The Right to Information Act of eIndia :

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is happy to inform the people of India that a new system or law has been introduced in the Country, the Right to Information Act. According to this act Any citizen of India can approach the Internal Affairs Ministry and seek information on the working or Funding of the Government. The System has been made very simple. A simple Personal Message Addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs (ME) or The Deputy Minister in-charge of this (Ravi09) will be seen as as a Application for a specific Information.

You can explain your doubts in detail if you need or a Representative of the Ministry will have a talk with you. All the information which you seek will be given to you if it is possible (If it is not Military or Confidential).The Program has been made even simpler by the method of Automatic Application. By this method Citizens can fill out an easy Form and They will be approached by the representatives of the Ministry at the earliest. Here is the FORM .

Feel free to use it..


All of the other Works and tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be described in the Articles in the near future. Thank you for reading. Contact me or any of the Deputies for more Information.