eFrance's overview. Some facts presented by the eBelgian embassy

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Dear readers, Dear eBelgians,

As eBelgian ambassador in eFrance, I feel the need to inform you on our eFrench new ally. I made a first article like this one one or two months ago giving the essential facts you need to know.

Interesting facts:
- The actual eFrench CP (Elynnie) has been eBelgian before being elected as eFrance CP. They know where to find good people 😃 She starts her job today, as replacement of Liberticide impeached mainly for communication reasons, even if he succeeded in getting trial membership in CoT for eFrance.
- Bill Silverlight posts lots of videos about videogames on Youtube & more than 1000 people join eFrance in less than 24h after he made a video over eRepublik more than a month ago. He became next month CP & his party, Federation Republicaine entered in Congress with 40% of votes.
- The Frenchmen control at this time three origianl Italian regions.

Hail eFrance! Hail eBelgium!

Take care,


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eFrance's overview. Some facts presented by the eBelgian embassy http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2320692

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