[TWO] New HQ and a lot of informations

Day 2,124, 13:41 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello dear TWO and ACT's citizens, I know that last of our articles was published a couple of weeks. One of my goals will be to be more active on medias. Every alliance needs to give informations about our actions. During my term, I plan to publish at least 3 articles. Reason is quite simple : I believe that media activity is coupled with battlefield one. More active we are on a side, more people will be on the other.

Today, if I write an article : it is because we have a lot of news. and also we recently elected a new HQ.

Our new Secretary General is GregoryG

Coming from Hungary, where he was elected 3 times as President, he was also Hungarian MoFA and also Government advisor a couple of time (more than 25 terms).
He is well known in our alliance where his activity is appreciated. Before being TWO SG, he also leaded ONE during 3 months.
With an experienced member like him : I’m sure that our leadership will remain strong.

His deputy is Sir Marvin

Sir Marvin is from Poland. Like GregoryG, he has a lot of experience : He leaded Poland during 4 months and before that, he was 4 times MoD there. On an international plan, he was Military commander of ONE during 2 months.

Our new Supreme commander is MisziPL

Miszi is coming from Poland. You probably remind his name : he was their last CP. Before that, he was MoD and MoFA. Determined to make living hell to our enemies. He will be the guy who will lead our troops and give us a lot of victories

His deputy is Jamesw

Except if you lived in a cave during the last 3 years : it is impossible to don’t know Jamesw. In UK, he was 6 times president and was also a couple of times Vice president, MoD and MoFA. On an international plan : he already leaded an alliance. He will continue the job that he began last month : assist our Supreme Commander.

Our new secretary of Foreign Affairs is Kravenn

Quite hard to mention my own eCV, In the past, I was elected 3 times as TWO SoFA. In UK, I’m a former President (1 term) and also being MoFA during 6 months and MoD during 3 months. I always try to put relations between countries on the center of my actions.

My deputy is Soulcraft

Soulcraft is from Latvia where he was elected 5 times as country president. He served 6 terms as MoFA and was also vCP and MoD in his country. Recently, he was involved in TWO HQ as dSoFA and dSC.


Well, time to mention what our members are currently doing

One of the main wars on this moment. Poland is at war with USA and they just had 12 victories in a row. After a small break in Kentucky, they were able to take back initiative in Louisiana. They continue their voyage after another victory in Alabama. Poland remains a solid force and leaving america isn’t on their agenda.

Serbia was recently a target for our opponents, they worked hard to make them lose several of their resources. After a small hiatus, time to have back what they lost. Serbia is currently at war with their nemesis (Croatia). Current score of that campaign is 8-0 in favor of Serbia.
In that war, they have several goals : Send Croatia back to Asia, boost their economy by having back all resources and help their Slovenian friend who has to fight on several fronts on the same time

Relations between Hungary and Russia are always been difficult. They are in different alliances and once again : they are at war.
Recently, Hungary received a natural enemy law from Russia and our friend was directly able to take back initiative. To conquer more regions : they needed to remove France from Caucasus.,Once it was done, they continued their voyage on russian regions.

Spain was in the center of some maneuvers from TWO’s opponents. Recently, they launched a resistance war in a Venezuelan region who is under Spanish control (Spain has an agreement with Venezuela to rent that region). After an intense war : Spain was able to keep their region. On the last hours, they opened a war with Mexico.

No need to hide it : it wasn’t a good week for our Slovenian friends. They received natural enemy laws from Croatia, Italy and France. Slovenian fighters are known to be fearless warriors but with several fronts to manage: It is easy to lose everything in a couple of days but their determined fighters proved that you can have 3 fronts and not be wiped.
Currently, War with France is over. They are able to maintain their position against Italy. Slovenia is trying to make an exploit : Take back initiative against Croatia. It is just a question of time before taking back their resources.

This time, United Kingdom is at war with Belgium and unlike last times : it isn’t a training war. Belgium planned to organise an airstrike on our Slovenian friends. But United kingdom had the choice to close their eyes or avoid Belgium try to have an airstrike. They chose the second option. It took some times catching one of their regions because UK had to destroy belgian shield (Remain 17😵. Now : UK caught Flanders and also Brussels.

Greece is currently the only TWO member who isn’t directly at war. But it doesn’t mean that Greece is inactive. Their well organised troops can be easily deployed on the battlefield to help TWO - ACT and our friends. A recent example : they helped Romania on their Airstrike against Bulgaria. Clearly : Greek warriors showed an excellent proof that friendship is very important : 4 of their fighters were on TOP 5 of that campaign. Of course these 4 guys weren’t alone, all the country was there to fight for our alliance and against Bulgaria .


After mentioning all TWO countries, we can’t forget ACT ones. Even if they aren’t the biggest in population, they are important and remain precious in a couple of wars

I begin with our baltic friends. Like most of the time, they are at war with Scandinavian countries (mainly Sweden and Finland). At the moment that I write this article, our Estonian allies are at war Finland and they have one of their regions. Even if there is no clear domination, we can say that Estonia is a moral winner because they are able to fight against a country who have 2.5 more citizens than them.

Like their neighbor, Latvia is also at war. Not with Finland but against Sweden. The main difference with Estonian war is their war is younger. Their common goal is solve that conflict. Sadly, their opponents didn’t wanted to solve it via diplomacy and forced our allies to go to war. There is something that they should understand : Never annoy Baltic countries.

These last times, Lithuania was able to catch several scandinavian regions and by the same way : boost their economy. However, and sadly for them : Bulgarian CP proposed an airstrike on them. On the same time, Germany and Denmark (German puppet state) proposed Lithuania as Natural Enemy. Even if the last 2 proposals were rejected. Bulgaria was able to put a base there. Hopefully, Lithuania wasn’t wiped but once borders with Bulgaria closed. It was time to take back what they lost and they chose Sweden as Natural Enemy.

I already talked a bit about Venezuela. Last week, there was a Resistance war on one of their regions who is under Spanish control. Like I said : it isn’t an hostile occupation, Spain pays a rent to Venezuela for that region. On that RW, Venezuela made nothing wrong, nobody from their country launched that. It was organised by several Military units opposed to Spain. A perfect example is that Venezuelan fighters helped Spain to keep that region.

Back to Europe, Not a lot of things to say about the 3 first countries. Sadly, Montenegro is our european member who isn’t currently on the map. With a good MPP pack, I’m sure they will be back soon. Slovakia has still access to 5 resources which is good for a country like that. About Austria : they are quiet.
Our belarus friends decided to attack Russia with Ukraine, war is still young but Belarus fighters are motivated and ready to provoke some nightmares to Russia.

Moving in Asia now, where we have 2 members : Thailand and Republic of China (Taiwan). Even if they don’t have active wars on their countries : it doesn’t mean that they are inactive. They work to help other members. Especially Republic of China who is often the first country to help when our enemies decide to attack when most of ours are sleeping.

I finish my world tour with Oceania. our 2 ACT members are sharing a common point : Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Well, after several tries to return on the map these last ones launched an Airstrike against New Zealand (who has 10 times less citizens than them). Even if they bravely fought New Zealand wasn’t able to resist. On the other hand, Australia finished a huge war against Indonesia when they received a natural enemy proposal from Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). After being unable to have back their original regions and failed an airstrike in Pakistan, they probably thought that Oceania should be a great place. Sadly for them : Once again, they choose to annoy wrong countries.

That’s all for now, just the usual formula before finish this article

Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Spain
Hail Hungary
Hail Serbia
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Slovenia
Hail Greece
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus
Hail Australia
Hail New Zealand


TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs