The eJapanese History (Part 5)

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The war against Taiwan and the occupation of Japan

January 5th 2012, eTaiwan declared war on eSouth Korea. One week later, eRepublic of China (eTaiwan) declared the war against eJapan by a Natural Enemy. This war was declared because of eJapan's support towards eSouth Korea, who was fighting eTaiwan. In nine days, Taiwan succeed to invade the whole of Japan. During one month, Japan was invade but March 11 2012, eRepublic of China (eTaiwan) gave back the region of Hokkaido to eJapan thanks to a diplomatic agreement achieved by the CP of eJapan (Chise E Tamai).

Through a series of rough resistance wars and foreign interference, between 20 and 23 May 2012, 3 more regions was successfully returned through 3 consecutive victories against eTaiwan (Shikokou, Kinki, Tohoku). These battles were not approved by the government of eJapan, however most citizens fought for eJapan, and only a few fought for eTaiwan to honor the agreement made during Chise's Presidency. In parallel, June 19th 2012, the Constitution of eJapan was abolished.

August 7th 2012, the NE law against Republic of Taiwan proposed by Minister of Foreign Affairs (AlfredBall) has been accepted by Japanese congress. It was part of the CoT plan to free South Korea, and attack Taiwan on multiple fronts. However President of South Korea decided to withdraw from the plan and sign peace treaty with Government of Republic of China instead.

August 9th 2012, this has lead Japan into full-scale war with Taiwan, without support. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Security (Alfred Ball and Fruitcommando , respectively) resigned soon after the first battle was lost and left to USA. United States decided not to step in and help. President of Japan, Nowe has purged the national forums of any posts, introducing even more chaos.
In next hours president acted irrationally, some claim it was a mental breakdown. Many congressmembers wanted to impeach Nowe, however were unable to do it because of impeachment try week before. In the evening this day Vice President Sumeragi Akeiko decided to step in to fix damage that has been done. Martial Law has become effective.

August 10th 2012, two hours after Sumeragi Akeiko has introduced Martial Law, Minister of Finance, Akki resigned. President Nowe has made explanation of his behavior, also shed some light on complex shady Japanese politics. With the collapse of Nowe's closest cabinet members, Nowe went into a rage frenzy, deleting the community's national forums.

After this, a massive drop of trust to CoT alliance was seen in Japanese society. There were too of the deep divisions between Japanese society and a number of foreign influences who has been brought to the light. Then a drop of tensions between groups in Japan has allowed Hizaya Nobunaga to become next Country President.

Japan was completely invaded August 17, 2012 by Taiwan. One weeks after this act, Japan became a member of CoT. Japan had to wait until 12 November 2012 to have one region (Kanto). Japan won this region thanks to the help of the Poland MU TerazMy and few country allies helped as a lot in this battle. Basically the liberation of Kanto region was the TerazMy's gift for Japan because they were celebrating their RL National Independence Day of Poland so they decided to help Japan to have the freedom. eJapan had finally got one region back which wasn't of that great importance to Taiwan so they decided to "gave" it back to Japan and so with that, Japan was back on the map again. Meanwhile, the PTO of Sakurakai(Now CtG) started in july 2012, when certain congressmen under Team Nippon(now Dai nippon party) invited a group of serbs led by Arhangellord into eJapan. They stationed in Sakurakai and basicly the party tried to fight the serbs but in the end lost their party. The Serbs who were in Japan took the opportunity to take control of a party (Sakurakai) in October 2012 and had a place in Congress on 25 November 2012 after the release of a Japanese region.

The liberation from Japan lasted more than three months. The cooperation etablished between South Korea and Japan go way back so their friendship was always a positive aspect to mention in those days. As for CoT, they also played their role with Japan and the country was deeply appreciated. Japan had a NE war, but afterwards RW's were a key factor to the retrieval of the original regions. So we can say that there was both aspects of military module just in different times of this war. The true Liberation was rather short, and the rest of the problems was that Japan had to help South Korea and other allies regarding the influence of Taiwan. The US was a good friend in that time of need coming to the aid and bringing the draining aspect of the war that many countries don't know how to handle, like Taiwan didn't. Thanks to US, Japan and South Korea, they have had more facility to liberate their countries. The occupation of Taiwan was long enough and their main regions were occupied for a lot of time by the US which kept them under control until Japan could figure a treaty or a way of living that didn't compromisse neither Japan or South Korea. Japan was officially free March 4, 2013.

Thanks to Lucifel, ardishabutaro, Nanashi Senshi and Kazami Yuuka for the informations about this part

The Training Wars with China and the portuguese AS

Less than three weeks after its release, Japan began a Training War with China because the first tournament of the MUs. This TW ended at the end of the tournament and Japan could recover its regions. A few days before the second tournament in July, China and Japan reached agreement for a new war drive. But unfortunately, something thwarted their plan. Indeed, Portugal afraid of being threatened by Spain, decided to launch a AirStrike against Japan. Japan could not fight against the MPPs of Portugal, lost Chubu, Kanto and Kinki (between 25 and 27 July). But to halt their progress and continue to benefit of their NE, China encircled Portugal thus obtained only three regions. At the end of the second tournament, China went so the two peripheral regions which did not touch Portugal : Kyushu and Hokkaido. And then comes the National Shield. With this new tournament, the China made ​​another war training with Japan showing the regions of Japan, at the same time that China frees a region to keep the NE asset. In parallel, some RWs are launched against Portugal but due to the small number of supports, th RWs failed.

Nicolas Bonaparte, eJapanese History Director