The eJapanese History (Part 4)

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The Sugawara Michizane case

Sugawara Michizane was a new player during the rise of BDS - Black Dragon Society, which is essentially the organization that counteracted the growing problem of FoH supremacy in the nation. They were rivals for control of Japan, and were led majorly by the Imperial Sun Party (now the DNP). Headed by Danyeo, other members included Darshu, KITA Ikki, and a number of other like minded politicians from the old era. In fact, it's difficult to know just who was involved in the organization due to how secret it was. Fact of the matter was, in order to get anywhere in Japan during that period you needed to pick a side: BDS or FoH.

Sugawara came at the height of Danyeo's power, and quickly figured out that to involve himself in politics he would need to take a side. He was a smart and a very capable politician. He was also very short-sighted and too trusting. Majority of his career was spent as the Minister of Health, and he was very in tune with the public sentiment towards the ruling powers. Over time he became detached however, apathetic to the citizens of Japan due to his consistent hold of power in the Japanese government. However, his downfall began when he unwittingly revealed the identity of BDS to Nowe; explaining their clever use of multi-accounts, subtle trafficking of Hungarian operatives into Japan, and boasting of holding power over the Emperor of Japan, Kokawayoshi Makoto.

Nowe's revelation of these things in depth to the Japanese media was met with critical backlash. The article exposing them was quickly mass reported until it was deleted, and Nowe himself came under fire from Danyeo who publicly accused and shamed him of managing multi-accounts. After this incident, Sugawara Michizane was heavily slammed by BDS and banned from their private channel, demoted from his position as Minister of Health, and shunned by the then current ruling elite.

With this occurring after Sugawara had already been a President of Japan twice, his influence was not as easily dismissed as Danyeo would have hoped. Using his influence as the former Minister of Health and President of Japan, Sugawara would reach out to the countless new citizens of the nation he had raised using the MoH program (or so we are led to believe). Many people expected Danyeo to win the elections of November 2010, and equally many were surprised that Sugawara had managed to pull a victory over the man who was then perceived as the face of the Imperial Sun Party. Otherwise, September 15, Japan decided to leave Brolliance.

His victory was short lived however, as on November 11th, 2010 Sugawara would be impeached by Danyeo and his supporters, which in turn would put Danyeo at the helm as President and keeping the ISP in control. It can be said that from the beginning of their falling out Sugawara did indeed have connections with the Indonesians (so perhaps they did assist him in one upping Danyeo), and they looked on him favorably. So in December 2010 when the Indonesians put out their PTO candidate Calon Rakyat Jelata, Sugawara Michizane agreed to support the Indonesians out of spite for ISP/BDS.

So while he is not technically a PTO for Indonesia, his support for the Indonesian PTO candidate has been smeared into history due to his bitter engagements with the ruling class of the Imperial Sun Party.

It is unknown to the public however, that Sugawara would attempt to reconcile with the nation of Japan during Nowe's presidency. On seeing the growing tensions between Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), Sugawara would donate his life savings of 90,000 JPY to the government of Japan - which would in turn be used by Alfred Ball to fund the numerous tanks and military units participating in the war that would erupt. After this incident, Sugawara would quit the game quietly after enjoying an eventful life.

Thanks to Minakami Suoh for his help.

The choice of a new alliance

Terra was created around mid December 2010 and at the time was called PANAM. Brazil and Argentina had withdrawn their membership from the PHOENIX alliance in the previous weeks. This freed both countries up to begin discussing a possible alliance with the USA. Brazil and the USA were the first to solidify the alliance with the signing of a Mutual Protection Pact, which shortly thereafter was cemented by the joining of Argentinian, thus giving rise to the Pan-American flavor of the alliance.

However, not long after, additional countries expressed interest in joining and this would lead to it becoming a global phenomenon. Japan was the first nation outside of the Americas to join PANAM in January 2011. Later in the month, Canada would also become a signatory. France, the first European country to enter the alliance, did so in the first week of February. Shortly thereafter Turkey became a signer on February 8, 2011 and Russia entered on February 22, 2011. The United Kingdom entered the alliance on February 24, 2011.

On March 20, 2011 the PANAM alliance was officially renamed to Terra, with officials citing a desire to move past its American roots and establish itself as a global alliance made up of countries fed up with the then current two-alliance system. To this end, Terra decided to pursue friendship and cooperation with EDEN in order to combat the growing ONE threat.

Support for South Korea

A group of Romanian PTOers (FSR) took power in South Korea on February 5. The Korean community therefore sought help from Japan to get rid of. eJapan had tried to help to free eSouth Korea but we saw that we were too weak for help them and Romanians with Alfagrem had enough strength for erase us. So Japanese have pray for eSK to have a babyboom for expulse Romanians of their eCountry. After the fail of Japon to invade South Korea, they attacked Japan and took some regions. In March 2010, a peace is signed between Japan and South Korea. eSK finally succeeds and took the control of their country but most of Romanians stay in it. When eSK was free, there was a great friendship between our 2 countries and we have done fake wars for the NE bonus.

Conflict of interest with TERRA

Since June 2011, Japan was in conflict with China (EDEN). Indeed, China has taken parts of Kyushu and Chugoku for bonuses. While Japan was still with TERRA, they began to join forces with EDEN. Japan being open conflict with China, it caused a conflict of interest and tensions within the alliance.

During July 2011, Brazil passes a motion in the alliance to eject Japan from the alliance. This comes after Japan lets Hungary through to attack China, in response to Chinese (EDEN nation) aggression (invasion of Japan) and violation of a forced rental agreement in which China tried to use Japan as a meat-shield against Hungary by RWing chinese-held Kyushu. It is noted that during the initial Chinese invasion and afterwards, Japan did not have much Terra support, and thus began signing MPP's with non-Terra nations such as Turkey, and the UK.

In August 2011, Japan regained its entire country after the recovery of areas under Hungarian control. But in September 2011, Canada has attacked Japan for obtain one resource but they have failed because South Korea has helped us and has blocked the invasion. During this time, we have received no help from eTaiwan because they tried to take the control of Philippines. Canada finally abandoned because they should declare war to South Korea and they have changed their priorities. Due to help of South Korea, eJapan continued to be free. In December 2011, the TW, started in October, is over with South Korea because South Korea is invaded by Taiwan and China.

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