[RB] CM elections - July 2013

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Dear eBelgians,

Res Belgica made the decision! This time, we kept the system of making the final list of candidates for CM elections that Konrad Neumann inaugurated last month, but slightly changed. As you know, Res Belgica always fought for activity, effective communications, collaboration and help for the youth! That's why, we (not me, as Party President, but WE - the whole party and the Council of Res Belgica) decided that we will support this list of candidates for Congress:

1. Stijn Puttemans
2. El1teBE
3. MaryamQ
4. Trito Fisher
5. AndreasC
6. Jofroi
7. Tango & Cash
8. Kevork Pamboukian
9. boer jan
10. IvanVanchosBrother
11. roxane6
12. Makaronka
13. retire123321

We came to this list using this metho😨

The final list is created based on the FINAL SCORE each candidate gains.
THE FINAL SCORE = AVERAGE FROM THE RB COUNCIL RANKINGS + NEGATIVE POINT IF THE CANDIDATE DON'T SIGN IN FOR THE CONGRESS ON FORUM (this way we encourage forum activity) + NEGATIVE POINTS FROM CANDIDATE'S PREVIOUS CM MEDALS (the number of your CM medals divided by 10. This way we give more chances for the young members to enter the Congress).

And here is the whole process (note that Nihil.sine.deo was unreachable because he is on vacation, so he didn't created his ranking list):

I wish good luck to all other Parties tomorrow, and wish that we will have fair play elections. But of course, don't forget to


[RB] CM elections - July 2013