In the Ukraine, New Life Blossoms

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The Ukraine has been anything but thriving for about two months. One week ago I looked at the Ukraine's media page.....and there hadn't been an article made for months. Well, today I decided I'd write an article about the death of the Ukraine, and to my surprise....the media section was filled with articles! Admittedly, all except one or two of those articles were written by the same guy...but hey, it's progress. So I figured(this was before I noticed that some articles were written by some one else) that [a url=]this guy[/a] was the only person in the Ukraine

But then I started looking around....I went to Sartain's profile...and saw that somethingclever had donated to him. So who was somethingclever, and why was he giving Gold to Sartain? So I checked out somethingclever.....and, again to my surprise, somethingclever was a Ukrainian! I was elated.

Why am I so happy? Honestly...I don't know lol.....probably because Ukraine is the last country to get populated....and also because I'd heard that it was taken over by multis.....

So it turns out that somethingclever was originally a Canadian, born on April 20th. He really wants to be a president, but figured that he had no chance in Canada, because of its size(actual work lol), so he moved on to Ukraine....he's recruiting his friends from a forum of a webcomic based on D&D, Giants in the Playground...and has(based on his number of friends and that somethingclever said that the population has jumped from 44 to 62) somewhere around 16 people from there.

Now, when I said "actual work lol", I'm not discounting the work that it'll take to give Ukraine a working economy, media section, and politics..that'll keep him busy for a while, sure. But it looks like their media section is doing pretty well with Sartain's newspaper...and he's throwing in(what I assume to be) some D&D jokes for atmosphere/culture, which is appreciated in any country.

So [a url=]heres to somethingclever and his Dungeons and Dragons friends[/a]....may their country thrive. And good luck to them in their battles against the current population of multis