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Day 2,058, 02:51 Published in Australia Australia by Alternation

Hello eRepublikans,

This article marks the onset of a more active media presence of NaN in this eWorld. We aim to release more articles that cover in-depth stories and analyses of NaN’s reputable members and the world at large.

Today, I shall quickly try to summarize and highlight some of the important events that have transpired since the last address.

1. eEgypt Full membership

First with the good news, we heartily congratulate eEgypt on becoming a full member of NaN. eEgypt has proven to be a great ally and we wish more glory and success to their nation.

2. ePhilippines Extended Trial Membership

Owing to the inconvenient political circumstances that ePhilippines had to deal with in the recent past, ePhilippines had been somewhat under the radar. But this is about to change with the new government taking control and we wish them good luck. The trial membership is extended and we hope to achieve more progress and mutual success with their company in NaN

3. ePakistan

Is back in Balochistan after having lost three regions to eIndia which later was conquered from eIndia by eAlbania. ePakistan and eIran have recently declared brotherhood and this has made both the nations more powerful in terms of diplomatic influence and military clout.

4. eAustralia

Despite their exit from NaN, they will always have the credit of being the founders of NaN and our friendship shall remain untrammeled and we completely understand their situation. We wish our former member eAustralia much success and good luck.

A lot more countries and topics shall be covered in next article with more news and elaborate details.

Warmest Regards,

-Nyx Lynx
(NaN Media Staff)

Along with,

(Proconsul NaN)

Hail South Africa!
Hail Pakistan!
Hail Malaysia!
Hail Philippines!
Hail Cyprus!
Hail Saudi Arabia!
Hail Egypt!

Hail NaN!