[Flight Training] Resignation of all officers

Day 2,039, 12:05 Published in USA Netherlands by Fhaemita The Apostate

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Good Day Flight Training recruits and eUSA citizens,

I've been a member of Flight Training for a year now, I was looking for something new after being a member of Ultramarines for more then a year and Synesi who was just given command of Flight Training was willing to give me a chance to do just that. For only a short while I was Wing CO before I was promoted to Executive Officer of Flight Training a position I held for 6 months. After Synesi retirement January 1, 2013 I was made Commanding Officer of Flight Training. I have loved every moment of my time in Flight Training as hopefully did everybody who was trained by us and the fellow officers who I served with.

As was announced in an article by vice president Dr Luis Sentieiro that the Department of Defense is making some changes to MU's that are part of the US Armed Forces. No details where made public but one of the changes that will be made is the merger of Flight Training and The Airforce. We where not given prior notice nor where we given any input on this decision. The decision was made over our heads and both my officers and I do not agree with the decision nor do we believe the way this decision was made was done properly. The reasons that where given in this doc although in our opinion these are quite ridiculous.

If we where doing such a bad job why where we never told this before? If we where doing such a bad job then why in a recent article of the Department of Interior the results of a survey from Flight Training Graduates where made public. Over half of the active members of both Airforce and Flight Training responded and gave us a 4.22 out of a 5, or 84% approval of their FT experience. Participants rated the helpfulness of Flight Training staff as an average of 4.33 out of 5, or FT staff was 86% helpful. From those numbers it looks like we people who've been through Flight Training seems very content with what we are doing. Yes there where some minor complaints and suggestions and we where working on fixing most of those problems.

Running Flight Training is hard work, you need active officers who are online every day and are who are also active on irc and you need officers who stay for the long haul because officers changes confuses recruits. Airforce Commanding Officer Dr Luis Sentieiro has admitted he had problems keeping his junior officers and even his senior and executive officers active. How will this affect Flight Training when Airforce and Flight Training merge? New recruits needs a lot of attention and active officers. If Airforce isn't able to keep their own officers active how do they expect to keep officers active after the merge? Flight Training always had a high retention rate in officers, out of the current 8 officers 4 have been with Flight training since the start a years ago.

One of the other reproaches thrown at us was a 25% activity rate and that those numbers weren't good enough. Based on those numbers according to the Secretary of Defense Lemon Vodka by officers weren't doing their jobs. Those numbers are incorrect and also insulting saying my officers are not doing their job based on faulty numbers. These numbers where based on total numbers of people in the MU at that moment. Flight Training is where new citizens are send too so it contains a lot of dead and inactive people because we haven't had a good cleanup for a while. Although judging other MU's that way works for other MU it does not for Flight Training. Flight Training is like a revolving door, we have people joining and leaving every day. Active people can graduate in 4 days while the more inactive stay around longer. With the most active people leaving fairly quickly and people coming and going all the time the egov numbers used by the secretary of defense is not a good measure of activity and not a good way to appraise how Flight Training have been doing. In a year Flight Training had more then 1200 recruits coming and going and a graduating rate of about 50%. Those are the numbers they should be looking at and the MU stats, those are (besides incorrect) only a screenshot of FT at that moment and does not say much abotu FT in general.

One of the other arguments is cost reduction, with the loss of regions and bonuses the state has less income and budget for the US Armed forces will be cut again. Merging the two MU's will not reduce cost at all! 95%+ of the cost of any MU is raw's (mainly WRM). As far as I know *all* mu's have a shortage in WRM, merging the two MU's will not change the shortage of WRM. There will still be the same number of WRM needed and the same shortage of WRM that need to be bought. Cost reduction is a bogus argument, this will not reduce the cost in any way.

More then a year ago Boot Camp the predecessor of Flight Training was part of the Airforce, I don't know what exactly happened but Boot Camp failed and when Flight Training was founded it was made separate from the Airforce for a reason. Flight Training is doing pretty well on it's own so I don't see any reason why we should go back to how it was when it didn't work. There is a simple rule, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

With the problems that the Airforce is having with their officers, the satisfaction under Flight Training Graduates and the contradiction in the plans We, the officers of Flight Training do not believe that this plan as it was presented is beneficial for Flight Training and not for new citizens who need training. With this being already decided without our notice or our input we see no other way then resigning. I have resigned my commission was Commanding Officers of Flight Training and ALL officers of Flight Training have decides to follow me and resign from their positions. This was not done our of pride or ego but because of the lack of disrespect that was shown towards Flight Training and it's officers. This is not the first time the executive have shown disrespect to a USAF MU and it's officers and it will probably not be the last time.

I wish the person who succeeds me the best of luck with he has his work cut out having to start from scratch.

Sincerely Yours,

Fhaemita Malodorous, Flight Training Commanding Officer
Rushaun, Flight Training Executive Officer
Synesi, Flight Training Division Officer/Former Commanding Officer
BeeBee Commanding Officer Wing 1
SMBritt Executive Officer Wing 1
Ehaboof Commanding Officer Wing 2
Conc3pt Commanding Officer Wing 3
Lord Nimrod Executive Officer Wing 3