[TWO] New ACT member and some informations

Day 2,007, 05:04 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello my friends and every TWO (and ACT) citizens

Well, around a week since the last article, it is time to give some news to our members. My apologies to not make a complete war summary. This last week was quite intense on HQ but sadly, several things must remain sensitive (at least for now)

So, Let’s begin

New ACT member

First of all, after welcome Lithuania into ACT, another country is joining the alliance. This time : that country isn’t coming from Europe but from Asia. In the past, we weren’t on the same side but no need to mention that with diplomacy :we can achieve great things. Our enemies are common and this time our swords aren’t between us and them but are all turned against CoT.

If you check daily stats about damages : They are 2nd (in ACT), just between Lithuania and Latvia.

Now, stop the suspense and it is with a great pleasure that we welcome Republic of China (Taiwan) into ACT

Now, time to talk about what was probably the most intense campaign of the week : Resistance war in Aquitaine.

Launched on May 15 (around 11.00 erep time), it was a good opportunity for enemies to make lose to Serbia one of their most precious resource : rubber.

With several Resistance wars launched on Italian, Albanian, Bosnian and Montenegrin regions : our serbians brothers had 5 Resistance wars to manage on the same time (Croatian one arrived a bit after Italian one was closed).

The goal of that Resistance war was quite simple : Make lose Aquitaine to Serbia (and by the same way : Rubber) and offer it to USA.
Why USA ? Even if the region returned to France, they had no road between Aquitaine and Paris. On the same time, USA opened a war with France with the goal to catch Aquitaine to Serbia but without declare war to them (which is a potential suicide for USA).

After a first fail on last week where Serbia declared France as Natural Enemy before USA. We knew that they should try again. Potentially : it was an opportunity for them to catch Aquitaine but our forces were able to catch 28 of the 33 first points. During night in Europe, it was easier for our enemies to gain points and at a moment, it was 45-32 for France.
Hopefully, our forces were able to take advantage on the battlefield and we finished the war with a nice 93-50.

No need to hide that Serbians made a lot of influence on the battlefield to keep their precious rubber but TWO sent as much mobiles as possible to help our brothers to help them. This victory is of course a serbian one but also a collective one where we put together our forces to defeat our enemies.

My last part of this article is for Greeks, We all know that they refused to join TWO after a current government published a controversial article (on an official newspaper) about the biggest Greek nemesis.
Even if HQ tried to make their best to see Greece inside TWO, and worked hard with their government. HQ also attempted to solve the issue with the other government.

Sadly for us, after several hours of negotiations : no progress was made by our TWO member. And Greek government told us that they won’t join TWO but they thanked what HQ made for them.
On their last diplomatic article, they recognise that HQ worked hard and well with them and they keep the door open for later.

For TWO HQ : our position is quite simple, we are very sad to learn greek decision but we totally understand it, we don’t blame Greece because they made nothing wrong there. Greek government always showed a great professionalism and everybody on HQ took pleasure to work with them.

After what happened, they continued to sign several MPPs with some of our members and we consider Greece as one of our friends. We totally understand their choice and we keep the door open to see them on a near future in our alliance. TWO HQ and Greek Government continue to stay in contact

To finish : the usual formula

Hail Hungary
Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia
Hail Spain
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Thailand
Hail Venezuela
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)


TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs