Guerrilla Fight ++

Day 1,985, 23:55 Published in Sweden Sweden by Cmurgh

Special thanks to SockerConny

Prerequisite: basic Guerrilla Fighting

* Do NOT Guerrilla Fight (GF) in a high priority campaign for Sweden or Asgard unless you have a good win/loss rate and possibly a high strength.
(The reason for this is, the winner of a GF gets 2x of his max hit for 100 health, while the loser gets 1x. So if you think you’re not likely to win, you’ll probably let the enemy get a boost there.)

Strategy vs. Luck:
GF requires basic strategy and experience. Beside those all you can do is guessing your opponents and make decisions based on those and hope that you are right.

Though, in my opinion there is more luck involved than strategy. When you miss your shots 3 times in a row while you have over 90% accuracy and your opponent is not even dodging, even the 7 Gods cannot save you from losing the fight. There are just lots of dull random factors involved.

These tips intend to help you to get better results over a long run.

* Stronger players probably can afford to be less careful and get away with it, but every bit counts if you’re fighting stronger opponents most of the time.

Pros and cons of GF:
Putting the costs aside, there’s no drawback in GF. Even if you lose all your fights, you’ll get the damage for 100 health you lost in the fight and also the rank point for that damage. But every player eventually wins some, and you’ll get 2x damage and rank point for 100 health and might even save that 100 health or parts of it.

If you win a fight or more in a battle, you’ll make more influence in that battle than you normally do.

You don’t get XP for GF, but it’s a good thing for players who are not in D4 yet.

Probably the worst thing about GF is that sometimes you have to wait till there’s an opponent. Though, I think, as we move forward it’ll be resolved as more players try GF every day.

How much does a GF cost?
If you’re going to a fight fully prepared using the best available items - which you should - it’ll cost around 40-50 SEK. Sometimes it might cost even more, but in a long run, it’d be in that range leaning toward 40 SEK.

Before going to the fight:
- Decide about your fight range. You have to stick to it and be persistent.

- Choose weapons based on your range choice. 2 or even 3 of same weapon is OK. However, having 1 of each weapons is probably a bad idea.
Reason: The objective is to make more damage than what the opponent does and you cannot achieve that by wasting turns on regularly switching weapons and moving to get in a proper range during a fight.

- Always have at least 1 ER15. It’s the joker of guns in a GF, covering the whole middle range. Even if it’s not your primary weapon it’ll come handy when your opponent’s trying to change distance.

- Starting weapon: the starting distance is random. Start either with ER15 or a sniper rifle which fits your fighting range of choice. Shotguns are hardly a good idea as a starting weapon.

- Avoid pistols: Pistols are almost pointless. Low damage, only work in very close range and high risk of missing. The only time it can be useful is when you are sure that you’re winning the fight and use it to make more damage to your opponent while saving your more important weapons. I’ve never lost to someone who used pistols while the fight was still real. My suggestion is: say no to pistols, even remove them from your inventory as they get in!

- Make sure you have all the available armors. No empty spot. The only drawback of using armors is you’ll move less distance which is unimportant (well most of the time). Not having full armor, though, is like going to a fight with lower health than your opponent.

- Only buy grenades and sniper rifles from super items. Going to a fight with regular grenade and sniper rifle is pretty much like announcing your opponent as the winner!

- double check your guns and grenade to have enough ammo and also your primary weapon
if grenade doesn’t have 3 ammo throw it away and buy a new one
if guns don’t have a full clip, better to change them

The fight is about to start:
If your opponent has 3 bonus damage, you’re probably screwed, but still have little chance. If he has more than 3 bonus damage you’ll need a miracle! 😃

The fight: Rock-Paper-Scissors

Move beats dodge
Dodge beats Fire
Fire beats move!

When two players with some GF experience are fighting each other, it’s more like a “I think that he thinks that I think ... “ situation, and it can go any deep!

- Always be aware of the turn number

- You should always have a good idea of your opponent’s shot accuracy based on the distance in case he’s current weapon is different from yours (it’ll help to guess his next move)

- Count your opponent’s dodges (while he’s not out of 3 grenades) and also his shots (number of bullets in the clip), so you always know when he needs to reload or switch weapons.
Don’t dodge when you’re opponent is reloading/switching (unless at late stages of the fight when you may need the points for every turn)

- Avoid unnecessary moves:
You want to get in a proper range with least possible moves. Moves are great against dodges. (if you’re opponent dodges with a 10-damage grenade, moving will cause only 3 damage to you (2 for a 5-damage grenade)). So move when you think your opponent is going to dodge. But you cannot afford to fail getting it right (let’s say more than once) or you’ll end up wasting many turns.

- Don’t doge when you think your opponent will move

- When you have no chance of winning
In a regular campaign: try to save weapons and health as much as possible
move out of your opponents’ weapon range
dodge if you have less than 3 grenade or none (if you have 3 it’s better to save it)
In a high priority campaign: try to drain as much health as you can from your opponents (so they can harm us less in the battle later!)

- When you have a safe advantage and will surely win: try to save as much health and ammo as possible as long as it’s not risky! Move around, dodge or use the weapons which will be thrown away after this fight.

- Most of the time it’s better NOT to use the grenade-dodge too early. Later you’ll know whether they’ll give you an edge to win the fight and if not you can save them for the next fight.

- Using the dodge without grenade sometimes might work perfectly towards the end.
If you’re sure of winning, it’ll probably help you to save more health
In a close fight (either both running out of health or reaching to turn 20) when you’re a little behind and you need your opponent to miss a shot or you’ll have no chance of winning

- “The opponent has fled”: don’t worry, it’s a good thing
Maybe it won’t add to your number of wins (not sure though), but it means you have saved 100 health and got 2x damage and rank point.

Let me know what you think in the comments, share your own tips and feel free to ask if you have any questions.