[DoE] Guide to: Training Centers

Day 1,984, 12:28 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Purpose: This article brought to you by Wild Owl aims to explain the purpose, economic and military profitability of Training Centers for the newer players to eRepublik.

One of the first things that we do after we do after joining eRepublik is to click on the shiny “Train” Button. Little do most of us know that this button will become a part of our daily routine for a long time to come as we start on our eRepublik journey.

Strength is the most important aspect of the military module of eRepublik, as more strength translates into more damage per click and hence more dominance for our country on eRepublik. Higher strength players, particularly in the lower divisions, is a great asset to have for a country where battles are won and lost with smaller margins compared to the tank heavy divisions 3 and 4.

The Training Grounds:

The Weights Room and the Climbing Center:

Newer players start with Q1 Weights Center as their defacto Training Grounds, which gives them +5 strength daily. Assuming daily training at this rate, one can manage to make 5gold for every Super Soldier Medal (you get one per 250 strength) every 38 days. For a simple click, this is probably the best return which eRepublik has to offer economically. Upgrading the Climbing Center to the max is highly recommended, for it decreases the time to achieve every Super Soldier Medal. With a Q4 Weighs Room, you can get a super soldier every 12 days. The recuperating cost of the upgrade is lower for this training center than most companies, and you get added strength and damage as a bonus!

Non gold buyers should also try to use higher Q levels of the Climbing Centers in conjunction with their Weights Centers . While it gives a much lesser economic profit than simply using the Weights Center, it is still profitable economically and gives a greater strength boost per day, which can make all the difference to you as you fight for the USA and her allies. With a Q4 Weights Room and Climbing Centers, one can get a super soldier medal (5 gold) every 8 days at a cost of 1.52 gold, which is still a bonus of 3.48 gold. While the cost of upgrading the two training centers to the max is a pretty hard task for non gold buyers, it can be done given time and the rewards to reap are obvious for everyone to see.

The Shooting Range and the Special Forces Center:

These two training grounds are generally used by gold buyers and offer a considerable boost to a citizen’s damage in battles (+20 and +40 respectively). With a maxed out Special Forces Center being used in conjunction with the above mentioned training centers, one can get a super soldier medal every 4 days. Using all 4 training centers will allow you to achieve 250 strength every 3 days a cost of 1.2033333 gold per day.

Training Contracts:

Because of maxed out training centers being used by a huge proportion of eRepublik players particularly in divisions 3 and 4, eRepublik now offers training contracts once every month. These training contracts allow you to pay off a proportion of your training fee at the start of the money to enjoy discounted training for the remainder. They are generally garnered towards the gold buyers, and players with full training grounds, and should be avoided unless you invest RL money into the game.
However, for people availing all training centers fully, training contracts are a cheaper way to pay off most of their gold costs at the start of the month (training contracts are available in 90% and 50% denominations) and pay the remainder for the rest of the month to enjoy cheaper training.
Players utilising only the Weights Room and the Climbing Center have little use for these- from an economic perspective, they’ll only cause you to lose gold if you’re using these two training grounds only.


With training centers offering better returns for gold - and additional strength as a bonus- compared to most companies and RM companies, they are a sound investment from every perspective. While the higher training grounds remain impractical for non-gold buyers, upgrading the first two to the max should be among your first priorities as an eRepublik citizen.