So You're New Eh?!? Part 3 (Accelerating Training)

Day 1,982, 20:56 Published in Canada Canada by Lordjas

Hey everyone! I hope the last edition of So You're New Eh?!? helped. Hopefully, haha 🙂. If you have any questions or comments, please Personal Message (PM) me, or comments below.
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In this edition, we will be discussing acceleration of strength. When training there are 4 options.

When the 45% sales(whatever 😵 goes on I would highly recommend upgrading training centers, as a very effective ways of doing more damage faster, and more importantly obtaining Super Solider achievement, which gives you 5 Gold!!

I love breaking down costs since I am in the accounting profession…. I know boring anyways… we will be using the return on investment(ROI) method as used in my other article. It will show you how many days it will take to get your invested money back, through Super Solider medals (achievements) .

I personally only recommend upgrading the Training Center. This is the one that does not cost gold to train. Showed below are all upgrades possible. It is very expensive at regular price so I recommend waiting till there is a sale on them before buying the upgrades, this will stretch your gold further!!!

It takes 250 Strength to obtain the Super Soldier achievement.

With the original (Q1) Training Center you get 5 strength per day.(I know you should know this by now 😉 ) 250/5=50 Days to get a SS(Super Soldier) achievement. Roughly this is how fast you will get a SS medal without mission bonuses or daily bonuses.

Q2 you get 10 strength per day. 250/10= 25 Days
Q3 15 strength per day. 250/15= 16 Days
Q4 20 strength per day. 250/20= 12.5 Days.

Now that we know how long it takes to get 5 Gold(from SS achievement) lets find out how long it will take to get your investment in Training Centers to pay off financially!

Q2 costs 20 Gold,(20/5=4), so it will take (25 days*4 achievements)=100 days
Q3 costs 70 Gold,16 days * 14 achievements= 224 Days
Q4 costs 100 Gold, 12.5 days * 20= 250 Days

Now with the help of my teaching assistant , we will compare when there is a Sale on Upgrades. For the sale, I will be saying that the admins have given us only a 40% of the price of upgrades.(I know I have a lot of assistants 😉 )

Q2 costs 12 Gold, (12/5=2.4), 25 Days* 3(round up)=75 Days
Q3 costs 42 Gold,(42/5=8.4), 16 Days* 9(round up)= 144 Days
Q4 costs 60 Gold, (60/5=12), 12.5 Days*12= 150 Days

So it is very important to wait patiently for the sales on upgrades of companies and training centers before spending your hard earned GOLD!!!

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Thanks for reading! See you next time!