NaN - The New Alliance is Formed

Day 1,948, 16:21 Published in South Africa USA by Grimstone
Non-Aligned Nations of eRepublik Alliance (NaN)

Australia and South Africa have for sometime been discussing the idea of an Alliance between themselves which allows for other non-aligned or neutral nations to join should they choose. The Alliance Charter is complete, although still being refined by the current founding Member Nations (Australia and South Africa), we are proud to announce that the Alliance has been fully formed and agreed by both Nations, and is now open to other interested nations to apply for membership, provided they meet the Charter's membership requirements.

Both Australia and South Africa formed the Alliance because we found ourselves in a situation where none of the major alliances wanted us, and the other alliances, like Asgard, were predominantly regional specific, which we know doesn't work, one just has to look at CoT's problems at the moment to see how that works.

NaN does not discriminate between where you are in the eWorld, provided your are neutral or non-aligned with any of the other major alliances, membership is possible. The Alliance HQ leadership is operated on a rotating membership system, so no one nation is fully in control of the alliance and the rotation will operate to stop regional takeover. The Alliance Assembly, consisting of all Member Nations has over-ruling authority in the end, so any decision by Alliance Leadership can be over-ruled by the Alliance Assembly no matter what may occur.

We now officially announce the Non-Aligned Nations of eRepublik (NaN) Alliance open, active and should your nation be neutral or non-aligned, open for membership discussion with the current founding members, Australia and South Africa.



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