First Annual eUS Poker Night

Day 1,932, 07:42 Published in USA USA by MazzyCat

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Kitty to here with exciting news! The T4 Party Presidents have all gotten together to work a new common goal. FUN! ♥ You know how much this pleases kitty? Well if you don’t.. then you obviously aren’t reading enough of my articles and deserve 30 lashes. Back to the subject at hand though. Poker night!

eUS 1st Annual Poker Tournament. Friday night, 3/08/2013, at 17:00 erep time. On PokerTH ( PokerTH instructions ) Everyone is welcome as long as you aren’t an AFA goonie or a SHOE floppy. Depending on the amount of money raised. The top 3 winners will be receiving prizes. YES! PRIZES! *Kitty rushes off to sign up* Oh.. um. .HI! again. As I was saying. Tournament. Prizes. Fun. Beer? I hope there’s booze too. SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP

Buyins are 500 for lvl 27 and above. 300 for below level 27. Not a bad amount of money for a night of friends, fun, and booze. Not to mention a big slab of togetherness. T4, 6th partiers, and the ones of you with no party! You are all welcome. (Of course no AFA and/or SHOE affiliates.)

So any questions or concerns you may direct to George S Patton JR and he’ll get you sorted out! Until Friday.. or at least until I decide to write another article.. Toodlies!

PS! I just wanted to sneak in another cute pic of kitties.. meh 2 esons. Who hate each other.